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Sing your child into dreamland with these classic lullaby songs for babies.

  • “Rock-a-Bye Baby”
  • “Good Night”
  • “Brahms’ Lullaby”
  • “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”
  • “Amazing Grace”
  • “Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight”
  • “Frère Jacques”
  • “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

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For centuries, lullaby songs have been a calming way to put your babies off to sleep. We’ve gathered baby lullabies that are perfect for the quiet-time stage of your baby’s sleep routine. Check them out below and play them for your baby!

While your baby doses off (or dances) to the sound of soothing music, why don’t you entertain yourself by reading on to know more about the origins, and significance of these baby lullabies?

Below are some of our favorite baby lullabies

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
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Lullaby Goodnight
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All The Pretty Horses
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Rock a Bye Baby
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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

You probably knew this baby lullaby when you were still a baby yourself. This timeless lullaby song for babies is a poem born in 1800’s England by Jane Taylor – one of the few remembered female poets of the 19th century, England.

It was published as “The Star”, and what do you know, our eyes twinkle like stars when our babies try to sing it along!

Baby Lullaby Goodnight – Brahms’ Lullaby

This can be a challenging baby lullaby to listen to because you’re always trying to keep your eyes awake before your baby doses of. With soothing powers to tuck adults into sleep, this baby lullaby is originally known as Brahms’ Lullaby. Brahms composed this song for his friend’s baby. Little did he know that it would become one of the most famous baby lullabies sung to date.

All the Pretty Horses

Also known as ‘hush-a-bye’, the origin of this American lullaby for babies is not entirely known. It’s a mother singing to her baby, telling them that they’ll get all the horses they want when they stop crying and sleep. Sometimes we all wish we could convince our babies to stop crying just with a couple of horses. In reality, however, this baby lullaby helps calm your baby, so your little one sleeps restfully in your warmth. If you’re finding it difficult to get your young one to sleep, read on for tips on how you can create a good night baby sleep routine.

Rock a Bye Baby

This baby lullaby has many theories around it: maybe 5 different theories with 5 different stories explaining what it truly means. At Johnson’s, the sounds and pitch carry as much meaning and significance as the lyrics of the baby lullabies.

One of the theories suggest that a mother is holding and rocking her baby, and as the baby sleeps, she lowers down her baby to the crib, and so the lullaby goes, “down will come baby”.

Another theory proposes that the poem originates from the 17th century by an English immigrant, who noticed native-Americans rocking their babies, from cradles that were suspended from tree branches, while the babies slept to the breeze.

Why does the sound of a baby lullaby matter?

Dedicated to providing babies with the best growing-up experience, from early baby development stages, until they can crawl and walk as toddlers, we care about the details. During every stage of development, babies are learning. This is why we care about every aspect – from baby products, baby sleep routines to the baby lullaby songs they listen to during different periods of the day.

If your baby’s not asleep yet, how about you sing them one of these timeless lullabies to sleep? We’ve placed the lyrics right next to the songs, so you can go ahead and sing along!

Melody Baby Korean Song

Nursery rhymes are gentle and relaxing to help your baby sleep better. You need an amazing bedtime collection to sing your kid into dreamland every night. From modern songs to classic tunes, here are some of the best lullaby songs.

1. Rock-A-Bye Baby

This famous mother goose song dates back to the 18th Century. Many theories are bound to the mysterious lyrics, which are quite frankly a little dark and creepy. However, the lyrics have changed a little over the years.

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Modern versions usually alter the first lyrics, Hush-a-bye to rock-a-bye. The concept of a falling cradle doesn’t seem peaceful and restful. But don’t be fooled because this melody has lulled many babies to sleep. It’s one of the classic tunes that have stood the test of time.

There are some different versions, but a great lullaby should be soft to help the baby drift off. This song is short and easy to sing, be sure to listen to it first before you start playing for the baby.

Regardless of what the lyrics mean or what the song is for, this is a great nursery tune, especially when the baby is still young. You can download and play it or learn the lyrics and sing for the baby if you want quality one-on-one time.

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2. Hush, Little Baby

You probably already know this song by heart, but it’s worth mentioning because the classic lyrics will never get old. Like other folk songs, the date of origin and author are unknown. But the song is said to have been written in the Southern United States.

It’s an old lullaby that you probably heard growing up, and now it’s time to pass it down to your child. It’s like a promise for your baby that you will always be there. In the song, the baby gets a gift, and it’s faulty in one way or another; they get another one.

You can sing it for as long as you like and even come up with other gifts that rhyme with the song’s pattern. The iconic tune has been performed and recorded by famous artists over the years, meaning there are many versions online.

But the original version is the best to lull your baby. Most parents will go to the ends of the earth for their baby, but all your baby wants to hear is your pledge of affection and love.

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3. The Cradle Song (Brahms’ Lullaby)

The title of this song doesn’t lend you a clue of what the song is about, but it’s full of comfort. It was originally in German, but there is an English version. It soothes the baby to sleep without worry, and even at one point in the lyrics, it says the angels are near.

If you can’t sing, you can hum your way through it to help the baby sleep. The author, Johannes Brahms, dedicated the song to his friends after the birth of her second child. The song is from the 1860s, but it’s still widely used in nurseries today.

It took a collection of different German folk poems to create the lyrics. For a song this old, you already know people have made different versions of it over the years. The maternal reflection in the song is beautiful. When sung softly, your baby won’t have any trouble reaching dreamland.

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4. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

This is one of the most common lullabies for babies to go to sleep. It’s sung in most daycares and nurseries around the world. The idea of the disappearing sun and stars in the sky is enough to evoke sleep.

The lyrics are from Jane Taylor’s poem of 1806. The popular song has five stanzas, but only the first one is widely known, and that’s all you need to get the baby sleeping. Your child will look at the night sky and try to figure out what stars are at one point.

The song won’t tell the baby what the celestial spheres are, but it carries a beautiful message. Your baby will fall asleep to the idea of twinkling little stars in the sky that remain there until the sun comes back again.

Even if the baby is too young to grasp the concept of stars, the slow tune from this melody will make them feel better. The internet has you covered; you can get the tune without lyrics or the whole song at an even slower pace for the baby.

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5. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Disney has several lullabies, but this melody from the Cinderella film in 1950 has to be one of the favorites. The lyrics’ sentiments are about faith and dreams. It’s a nice thing to teach your baby as they grow up, even if it is by singing to them as they sleep.

If you get the song directly from the movie, you will also hear bird sounds that make it even more bedtime-worthy. It’s a slow-paced melody you can sing over and over again without feeling sick of it.

It’s best for slightly bigger kids who can understand what the song says because the message is essential. It wasn’t a lullaby song, but parents took it and ran with it. Now you can sing or play it to your baby anytime they want to take a nap. It encourages them that good things can come from dreams.

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6. You Are My Sunshine

This song has been translated into over 20 languages and recorded by more than 300 artists. The catchy chorus is why this song is a popular lullaby. However, the chorus doesn’t reveal what the song is about.

It’s a sad story about heartbreak; that’s why most parents stick to the lighter lines in the chorus. If you don’t want to get through the whole song, repeat the chorus until the young one sleeps.

The narrator tells someone they are his sunshine and a source of happiness when the skies are grey. Aside from being a great lullaby, it’s a sweet reminder of how much your baby means to you. You don’t even need the musical instruments accompanying the song; you can learn the words and sing, which will still be amazing.

Keep it simple by singing in a soft tone and using repetitive words because it gets the baby to dreamland faster. Singing lullaby can be a lovely addition to your bedtime ritual.

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7. Are You Sleeping? (Frere Jacques)

You can give this classic French lullaby a try. You don’t need a whole performance to make your baby sleep if you have such a melody and lyrics. It’s more of a morning song, but most people use it as a lullaby, and who are we to argue?

It says the morning bells are ringing, and the singer is asking brother john whether he is still sleeping. The repetition of ‘ding, dang dong’ at the end is probably what gest most babies to drift off. You can use it also when the child starts school and likes to oversleep.

Instead of scaring them out of bed, the song can wake them calmly. The curiously restful song lyrics are available in French and English. Pair the lullaby with rocking if you want the little one to sleep even faster.

Ensure you sing it in a peaceful place to avoid distractions. You only need a short version of the sleeping song, one that’s quick to learn the words.

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8. All The Pretty Little Horses

This song is also known as hush-a-bye. You will come across different variants of the lyrics depending on the artist. The song’s true origin is still unclear, but as long as the song does its job, it doesn’t matter.

However, the concept of nice things when you wake remains constant in all variations. It soothes the baby to sleep by telling them they will have all the pretty little horses when they get up. Your baby will go to dreamland knowing better things await them tomorrow.

Once you get the baby to a comfortable, cozy place, the lullaby will just be the cherry on top of the cake. Most babies like to grab and play with things around them. If there aren’t such distractions, sleep will naturally come with the help of a beautiful soft song.

Instead of singing the same song every day, try making the nursery rhyme collection more diverse by adding such pieces. Each song makes the baby feel different, and some are more effective than others.

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9. Stay Awake

It’s time to use some sophisticated reverse psychology with this tune. It’s from the Mary Poppins movie. Every line in the song urges your baby to stay awake and resist sleep. It says even though the baby’s pillow is soft and deep and the whole world is sleeping, they should stay awake.

Well, that never happens because this song will make them sleep faster than you can imagine. If you have watched Mary Poppins, you will see that sleep overtook the skids even before the song ends. However, if the baby is small, they may not understand reverse psychology; they will just enjoy the tune while off to slumber.

Most children will protest when it’s bedtime, but you can easily sing them to sleep once you get them there. Other artists also record this song if you want to explore different versions. It’s a short track that won’t even take two minutes.

Babies can also have a favorite lullaby; you may be sticking to one song that’s not working when there are plenty of options.

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