Umbrella Stroller For Baby

If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller with a canopy and reclining seat, there are a wide range of options. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Travel Stroller is the least expensive option in our review and some testers found it to be one of the best in this category. Like most others, it has a rain cover, but it does not have a canopy. Another favourite among testers was the Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller, which also has good sun protection thanks to its large canopy. The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller has three modes of use: regular mode, bassinet mode and toddler mode. It also has one-handed folding, which makes it easy to fold with just one hand while holding your baby or groceries with your other hand.

The best umbrella strollers are not just the lightest. They are also the best rated by consumers. In fact, three of our top picks come in just after 55 pounds in the infant stroller category, so if you want something that is easy to fold and store, they are all worth looking at as options. You should note that some models have a maximum weight limit of 55 pounds and others extend past 60 pounds. We think almost every parent will be happy with a stroller that works for children under 3 years of age – especially since most can grow with the child for several more years than that!

An umbrella stroller is a great option if you want to keep your baby safe and comfortable on the go. You’ll want to consider the size, weight, and price of the stroller before making a purchase. Weight and ease of folding are important factors when it comes to portability.�

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that is easy to fold, or need something to travel with, an umbrella stroller might be right for you. While there are many options out there, we’ve picked out a few different types that stand out to ensure that you’ve got the best options available.

Umbrella Stroller With Storage

In addition to plenty of diapers, comfy postpartum pajamas, and maybe a nightly foot massage, new parents should also have a fabulous umbrella stroller.

Now, we’re not talking about a buggy that takes center stage at the London fashion show. No, we want something practical, affordable, and able to do pretty much anything we ask of it!

But with all of the options, it can get pretty overwhelming to know which one to choose. And unless you have hours to cruise the internet — we’re guessing you might not, with a new baby and all — researching the ins and outs of today’s top strollers is likely not at the top of your to-do list.

The good news? We did the searching for you and came up with some of the best umbrella strollers in every category, from budget and travel to frequent use and summer days.

What is an umbrella stroller? 

If you’re new to this whole parenting thing, you might be wondering what the difference is between a traditional stroller and an umbrella stroller. You might also be wondering whether you need an umbrella stroller if you already have something like a luxury travel system, which often includes a stroller that comes with a car seat, and sometimes other components.

An umbrella stroller is a lightweight (typically under 20 pounds) and portable version of a stroller, that is a standalone (as in it doesn’t come with a car seat or other components). These strollers are smaller and easier to pack than traditional ones. And they’re a lot easier to unfold when you’re on the go, and maybe have limited hands or it’s pouring rain.

Designed for quick trips, walks, and travel, umbrella strollers give you ease and portability when you don’t need the car seat, storage units, and all the other bells and whistles of full-blown travel stroller systems.

They’re a great option to have on hand as an extra stroller for grandparents or other caregivers or for times when the large travel system isn’t practical.

That said, they are meant for older babies and toddlers, usually 4 to 7 months or older, who can sit upright on their own.

How we chose the best umbrella strollers

The strollers described below were chosen based on parent recommendations, best-seller lists, reviews, and Facebook parent groups. While not an exhaustive list, the strollers in these categories came out on top among various audiences.

Double Umbrella Stroller

Sure, you and your toddler may love how sturdy your full-size stroller is. But when it’s time to toss your stroller into your car trunk when you’re running errands or packing for a trip, you may be looking to downsize.

Enter the umbrella stroller. Lightweight, smaller than a full-size stroller and designed for on-the-go parents, umbrella strollers will ease up the load — and still keep your little one riding in style.

Why you might need an umbrella stroller

Not sure if you need an umbrella stroller in addition to (or possibly even instead of) your full-size stroller? Keep these considerations in mind:

  • You prefer a small, lightweight stroller. Umbrella strollers are a pared-down version of a traditional stroller and can weigh under 10 pounds. They are made to be easy to carry around — some even have a shoulder strap for that very purpose. What’s more, they fold down to be about the size of a — you guessed it — umbrella.
  • You plan on using it for travel. Umbrella strollers are also ideal for travel — not only do these lightweight strollers fold down small, but since this might be your secondary stroller, you won’t mind as much if it gets banged up when you gate check it on your next flight. Many parents also opt to leave an umbrella stroller somewhere they visit often, such as Grandma’s house.
  • You live in a city. Perhaps you live in a city and need to carry baby and her stroller up and down your apartment steps or onto a bus, or you simply have limited storage. City parents often prefer to use umbrella strollers for quick errands, since they’re easier to maneuver in small stores or narrow streets.
  • Your baby is 6 months or older. Most umbrella strollers are designed for children 6 months and up who are able to sit up on their own, so you’ll likely need another option for your newborn. Some light baby strollers are okay for infants, but if you’re planning on putting your newborn in one, make sure it’s sturdy and the seat back reclines completely or there’s an option to purchase a separate newborn bassinet.

How to choose the best lightweight umbrella stroller

Umbrella strollers generally come with fewer bells and whistles than a full-size stroller. Here’s what you should consider before you buy:

  • Maneuverability. Take the stroller around the store for a test drive with your toddler inside to see how easy it is — or not — to spin around corners.
  • Storage. With their pared-down style, umbrella strollers have less storage than a full-size stroller. Some have none at all.
  • Quality. Does the stroller look and feel like it’s built to last? Check the upper weight limit to gauge how many more years of use you and your child can expect to get out of it.
  • Sun shade. Many umbrella strollers come with a sun shade that will protect your precious passenger from the sun’s rays.
  • Seat recline. Kids will be comifier for longer if you can change the seat recline on the go.
  • Ease of use. You’ll want a stroller that is easy to fold and unfold, ideally with only one hand.
  • Safety features. It should have a five-point safety harness to keep your babe securely strapped in and a lock for the wheels. You should also look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal, which indicates the product has passed rigorous safety standards. And make sure to keep baby’s fingers far from the folding mechanism and never hang anything on the back — you don’t want a tip-over, especially with baby on board.

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