Unique Islamic Names

Naming is one of the trickiest decisions every parent has to make. A lovely name is the first gift parents can present to the baby that will stick with them forever. Muslim girl names are adorable and are meaningful. According to Islamic beliefs, every child has the right to be given a meaningful name. Muslims constitute a large part of the world’s population.

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The baby naming ceremony, also known as Tasmiyah, is an important event for Muslims. It usually happens on the seventh day after birth, when the baby’s head is shaved. Explore our compilation of modern Muslim girl names from A to Z, including unique Arabic girl names that are modern and suitable for your precious daughter. This list encompasses Islamic baby girl names from the Quran and Muslim girl names related to Allah.

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Popular Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

1. A’dab:

A beautiful name, A’dab means ‘hope or need’ in Arabic. It sounds pretty modern and is suitable for families looking for a trendy name.

2. Aabidah:

Aabidah means ‘worshipper’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and is perfect for religious families.

3. Aa’eedah:

Aa’eedah is a lilting baby girl’s name, meaning ‘returning or reward.’ The ‘ah’ ending gives it a soft touch.

4. Aafia:

Aafia means healthy and beautifullSave

Aafia is one of the popular names among Muslim girl names. It means ‘healthy,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘kind.’

5. Aafreeda:

This is another popular Muslim name with an Arabic origin. It means ‘create’ or ‘produce.’

6. Aafreen:

This name originated from the Persian language and is a popular name in the Middle East. Aafreen means ‘beautiful,’ ‘lovely,’ or ‘amazing.’

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7. Aakifah: 

Aakifah means ‘a woman who dedicates her life for Allah’ or ‘a lady who worships Allah in solitude.’

8. Aaleyah:

Aaleyah is a nice twist on the now common name Aaliyah. It means ‘exalted or highest social standing.’

9. Aamina:

Aamina is derived from Arabic and means ‘dependable.’ There is also an Islamic belief that it is Prophet Muhammad’s mother’s name.

10. Aamira:

The name Aamira originated from the Urdu language and means ‘prosperous,’ and ‘full of life.’

11. Aasma:

Aasma is a wonderful name with an interesting meaning –‘excellent’. Isn’t it solemn?

12. Abeer:

This moniker, meaning ‘fragrance,’ is well used among the Muslim population in India.

13. Ablah:

This Muslim name describes women like no other. It means ‘perfectly formed.’

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14. Adara:

Adara, meaning ‘virgin,’ is merely perfect for a Virgo baby. It also happens to be the name of a character in the “Belgariad” series.

15. Adilah:

In Arabic, Adilah means ‘equal.’

16. Adiva:

Adiva is one of the unique Muslim girl names. It means ‘pleasant or gentle’ in Arabic.

17. Aeesha:

This name is a version of the Arabic name ‘Aisha.’ It means ‘alive and well,’ and ‘living prosperously.’ The youngest wife of the Propet Muhammad is named Aeesha.

18. Afaaf:

Afaaf, meaning ‘pure and chaste,’ would make an interesting choice for your daughter. And it’s uncommon too.

19. Afra:

This earthy name, meaning ‘color of the earth,’ has ties with Saint Afra, the German patroness of fallen women.

20. Ahd:

The name Ahd, meaning ‘pledge,’ is both charming and unusual. It was increasingly popular in the 60s and reigns today as an old classic.

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21. Ahlam:

Ahlam means ‘witty’! And why wouldn’t you want to choose this name? Wittiness is always a welcome trait.

22. A’ishah:

Aishah is a popular name among Muslim women. It originated from Aisha and means ‘she who lives’ or ‘womanly.’

23. Alima:

Alima, meaning ‘educated or intellectual,’ is one of our favorite names in this list, solely because of its etymology.

24. Almas:

The beauty of this name must have stunned you, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy its meaning also. Almas means ‘diamond.’

25. Amal:

You must have noticed that Muslim baby names make great options for their beautiful and deep meanings, and Amal is no exception. This moniker means ‘hope.’

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26. Aminah:

Another beautiful but common Muslim name, Ameena, means ‘trustworthy’ in Arabic.

27. Amira:

This shimmery Muslim name, used widely in the Arab community, is the feminine form of Amir and means ‘exalted’.

28. Amtullah:

If you are mainly looking for a religious name, try Amtullah. It means ‘the female servant of Allah.’

29. Anam:

Try this simple and traditional name, which means ‘the mercy of Allah.’ This Arabic name also means ‘blessed.’

30. Anan:

Anan is a fresh, adorable, and cute Muslim girl name, meaning ‘cloud.’

31. Anisah:

The baby name Anisah has a bit of mystique and sounds totally adorable. It means ‘close, intimate, or one who’s a good friend.’

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32. Ayshah:

Ayshah or Aisha means ‘living or prosperous’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and was also the name of Prophet Mohamed’s youngest wife.

33. Aziza:

Meaning ‘powerful’ and ‘bold,’ a girl named Aziza is sure to grow up into a secure and strong woman.

34. Badia:

We love this classic name, not just because it’s unique in itself but also because it means ‘unique.’

35. Badriya:

This moniker may be less popular than the original, but it’s equally, if not more, beautiful. Badriya means ‘full moon.’

36. Bahameen:

An unusual Muslim name, Bahameen, means ‘spring’ in Arabic.

37. Barika:

Want a name that describes your little darling perfectly? Try Barika! It means ‘blossom’ in Arabic.

38. Basimah:

Basimah means ‘smiling.’ It is a beautiful Arabic name and is not very common either.

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39. Batool:

All of us wish to raise a girl who is full of virtue and has a kind heart. Batool is one such name with an endearing meaning. It means ‘pious woman.’

40. Benazir:

Benazir sounds like this name is made for a princess. It means ‘incomparable or matchless.’

41. Bisma:


Bisma means ‘polite’ or ‘smile’ and might be just the name you are looking for to call your little one.

42. Bilquis:

Bilquis is another popular Muslim name, which enjoys popularity in Western countries too. Bilquis means ‘the queen of Sheba.’

43. Bushra:

This could be a perfect name for your baby girl because it is unique and means ‘most perfect.’ The Arabic name also means ‘good news’ or ‘good omen.’

44. Buqayrah:

Buqayrah, associated with a female Hadith narrator, is a name rich in tradition.

45. Daania:

If you are looking for a special name for your princess, choose Daania, which means ‘one who is beautiful’ or ‘gift of God.’ You can also spell it Daanya.

46. Daima:

A unique name, Daima, means ‘always.’ It is a name that has simplicity at its core.

47. Daisha:

This feminine Arabic origin name peaked in popularity in the year 1995. So if you want a distinctive name for your daughter, pick this name, meaning ‘alive.’

48. Daneen:

This striking name with a classic feel means ‘princess.’

49. Dariya:

Persian name Dariya feels stylish and contemporary without being overly familiar. Dariya means ‘river.’

50. Dimah:

Dimah means ‘carrying rainwater’ in Arabic. It is a great option if you are a nature-lover.

protip_icon Did you know?

The meanings of Muslim baby girl names in the Quran are similar in the Bible and the Torah.

51. Dunya:

Dunya is another beautiful Muslim baby girl name, meaning ‘life.’ You can even spell it as Dunia.

52. Eiliyah:

This name originated from Arabic and means ‘in peace and love with Allah.’ It could be an apt name for your little one.

53. Eimaan:

Eimaan is a unique and beautiful name for your little one. It means ‘faith.’ If you want a traditional yet chic name, choose this.

54. Elham:

Elham means ‘inspiration’ in Arabic.

55. Erum:

Does looking at your little girl feel like heaven? If yes, consider naming her Erum, which means ‘heaven.’

56. Eshal:

This name would be perfect for your delicate and precious little girl. Eshal originated from Urdu and means ‘flower in heaven.’

57. Esita:

Going against the grain isn’t always bad, and Esita just proves that. This lovely and rarely used name means ‘desired.’

58. Ezzah:

Ezzah is a cute name for your special little girl. It means ‘a person who gives honor and respect.’

59. Fadilah:

Also spelled as Fazilah, is the feminine form of Fadil and means ‘virtuous or generous’.

60. Fadyaa:

Fadyaa originated from Urdu and means ‘sacrificing.

61. Fairoz:

Fairoz is an amazing name and means ‘turquoise’ in Arabic.

62. Faizah:

Faizah, an exquisite sounding name, means ‘victorious or winner’ in Arabic.

63. Fakeehah:

If you like names that have a vintage aura, then you’re likely to adore this name. Fakeehah means ‘cheerful.’

64. Famya:

Looking for a name that is attractive and simple to pronounce? Choose Famya. It means ‘good fame.’

65. Falak:

Muslim name Falak means ‘the sky is full of light and is beautiful.’ It will light up even the darkest of the days.

66. Fareeda:

Fareeda, meaning ‘gem or precious pearl,’ is a one-of-a-kind Muslim baby girl’s name.

67. Farheen:

If your little girl’s laughter lights up your world, name her Farheen, which means ‘happy,’ ‘joyous,’ or ‘jubilant.’

68. Fariah:

With a name such as Fariah, meaning ‘friend or companion,’ maybe even your daughter can become someone’s best friend forever.

69. Farrah:

Muslim baby name Farrah, meaning ‘happiness,’ brings a smile to the face whenever you hear it.

70. Farisha:

Is your baby girl the light of your life? Farisha would be an apt name for such a beautiful angel. Farisha means ‘the light.’

71. Faryat:

Another beautiful name for a baby girl is Faryat. It means ‘delightful sunshine.’ If your little one lights up your whole world, this is the name for her.

72. Farzana:

This name originated from Persian and means ‘wise,’ ‘intelligent’ and ‘knowledgeable.’ It makes quite an apt name for your bright little girl. You can also spell it as Farzana.

73. Fasiha:

Fasiha is a name that originated from Arabic and is a traditional yet stylish name, meaning ‘Literary and eloquent.’

74. Fatima:

Fatima is one of those Muslim names that have more clout than others because it’s the name of Prophet Muhammad’s most loved daughter. Fatima means ‘captivating.’

75. Fatin:

Fatin, like Fatima, means ‘captivating.’

76. Fawzia:

In Arabic, Fawzia is another word for ‘winner.’ It is a unique and modern Muslim girl name and perfect for modern parents.

77. Fazluna:

Derived from an Arabic word, Fazluna means ‘a flower in the desert.’ This name is the perfect baby name for your cute little baby girl.

78. Ferozah:

Ferozah is a lovely color name meaning ‘turquoise.’

79. Fida:

Looking for a stylish name for your daughter? Consider naming her Fida. This name originated from the Arabic language and means ‘redemption or sacrifice.’

80. Fiza:

This name has multiple meanings. In some places, it means ‘breeze’ or ‘wind,’ while in other places, it carries the meaning ‘growth or success.’

81. Furat:

In Arabic, words or adjectives can also be used as names. Furat, meaning ‘sweet water,’ is one of the examples.

82. Gazala:

This unique and special name means ‘intelligent and charming.’

83. Ghania:

Ghania is a Quranic name, meaning ‘rich,’ prosperous,’ or ‘self-sufficient.’

84. Ghazal:

This refreshing and cute name is apt for little girls who are as sweet as poetry. Ghazal means ‘love poem — something that is said in a melodious voice.’

85. Ghusan:

Ghusan is a distinguished, wonderful, and rare name meaning ‘branches of a tree.’

86. Habiba:

Also known as Habibah, this Arabic name means ‘beloved.’

87. Hadiya:

Hadiya has a sentimental and touching meaning for a newborn, ‘gift.’ Its alternate spelling Hadiyah means ‘guide to righteousness.’

88. Hafeezah:

Originating from the Arabic language, Hafeezah means ‘keeper of the sacred book’ and is one of the most popular Muslim baby girls’ names.

89. Hafsah:

A little lioness, Muslim girl namesSave

If you think your girl will become as fearsome as the lion, then name her Hafsah, which means ‘female lion cub, or little lioness.’

90. Halima:

This name could represent all that your baby girl is. Halima means ‘gentle,’ ‘mild-mannered,’  or ‘generous’ and is of Arabic origin.

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91. Haiza:

Is your girl the royalty of your family? If yes, it is apt to call her by the name Haiza, which means ‘Royalty.’

92. Hakimah:

The Urdu name Hakimah means ‘wise’ or ‘judicious.’ It is also a name for a ‘ruler’ or ‘queen.’

93. Hameedah:

Hameedah means ‘praiseworthy.’ This name originated from the Arabic language and is a popular Muslim baby girl’s name.

94. Hamra:

Hamra is a name that originated from the Arabic language and means ‘red,’ ‘enduring,’ or ‘tolerant.’

95. Hanan:

Hanan is both a Muslim name, meaning ‘mercy or compassion,’ and a male Hebrew name, meaning ‘gracious.’

96. Hanifah:

Hanifah means ‘true believer.’ It may mean something different in other cultures. It is derived from the Arabic language.

97. Haniya:

Haniya means ‘happy.’ It is a perfect choice for parents looking for an easy name.

98. Haseena:

Isn’t Haseena the perfect name for your beautiful angle? The name Haseena means ‘beautiful, pretty.’

99. Heena:

Heena means ‘henna’ in Arabic. Henna is an intrinsic part of Muslim culture worldwide.

100. Hidaya:

A baby name such as Hidaya will inspire your daughter to follow the correct guidance in her life. Hidaya means ‘instructions or guidance.’

101. Huda:

This moniker is increasing in popularity. Huda means ‘guidance to the right path.’

102. Huma:

This name is derived from a Persian mythology and means ‘lucky bird’ or ‘bird of paradise.’ It also means ‘phoenix.’

103. Humra:

Looking for a beautiful name for your cute little girl? Consider the name Humra, which means ‘beautiful’ or ‘rose.’

104. Ifra:

Ifra means ‘adept’ or ‘to fix and improve something.’ This would make a stylish modern name for your little one.

105. Iman:

If you don’t mind using a unisex name for your daughter, you can give Iman a try, which means ‘faith.’

106. Inaya:

Inaya is an unusual and exotic Muslim name, meaning ‘concerned,’ it also means ‘gift of Allah.’

107. Inbihaj:

Apart from the lovely aura of the name, the meaning of Inbihaj makes it even more lovely. After all, who wouldn’t love a name associated with ‘happiness and cheerfulness.’

108. Insha:

Insha is an Arabic name, which means ‘to create,’ or ‘to express.’ It could be a cute name for your adorable baby girl.

109. Intisar:

Intisar means ‘triumph,’ and who doesn’t wish to triumph over all the negatives?

110. Irsa:

This is an Arabic and Persian name derived from the Greek word Iris. Irsa means ‘rainbow lily,’ which is a type of lily with rainbow-like petals.

111. Iqra:

Iqra is a Quranic name that means ‘read’ or ‘recite.’ It is said to be the first word of the Quran sent through the angel Gabriel.

112. Isbah:

This name means ‘light,’ and would be an apt name for your little one who has filled your life with light.

113. Isma:

The Urdu name Isma means ‘safeguarding’ and is one of the popular names among Muslim girls.

114. Jabeen:

The Persian name Jabeen means ‘smiling face.’ If your little one has the cutest smile ever, naming her Jabeen would be apt. What do you think?

115. Jadwa:

This name, meaning ‘gift,’ falls along the lines of other Muslim names such as Hiba or Jada.

116. Jahara:

Jahara, the short form of Jahan Ara, would make a delicate, but strong name for your baby girl. It means ‘adorning the world.’

117. Jahida:

Jahida is an Arabic name, which means ‘helper of the vulnerable’ and is one of the popular Muslim girl names.

118. Jalilah:

The two ‘l’s in the middle and ‘ah’ ending is giving this name a poetic quality. Jalilah means ‘illustrious.’

119. Jamila:

Jamila has several spelling variations, such as Jamilah, Jamilla, and Jameelah. But no matter how you spell this name, it will always sound beautiful. Jamila means ‘graceful.’

120. Jannat:

This Arabic version of ‘paradise’ could make a potential baby name for your daughter.

121. Jaseena:

This Muslim girl name originated from Urdu and means ‘nice heart.’ It would be a nice name for a baby girl.

122. Jazeera:

One of the most popular Muslim girl names, Jazeera means ‘an island.’

123. Jazmin:

Jazmin is one of the few Muslim names that do not end with an ‘a.’ A stylish name, Jazmin means ‘jasmine flower.’

124. Jumana:

Jumana is a name that originated from the Arabic language and means ‘silver pearl.’ It may not be a common name, but you may consider it if you are looking for a unique name.

125. Kainat:

Kainat is derived from the root word K-W-N and is used in many places in the Quran. It means ‘the universe’ or ‘all being.’

126. Kalila:

If you like names ending with the soothing ‘ah’ sound, you should feast your eyes on this adorable Arabic Muslim girl name, meaning ‘beloved.’

127. Karimah:

Karimah, the feminine form of Kareem, meaning ‘generous,’ is one of Allah’s 99 names.

128. Kausar:

This unisex name is a refers to Hauzu’l- Kausar, a sacred lake called the ‘pond of abundance.’ Kausar means ‘abundance’ or ‘river or lake in paradise.’

129. Khadija:

Khadija is renowned for being the name of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad. It means ‘trustworthy.’

130. Khairah:

This Islamic name means ‘best, ‘good,’ or ‘virtuous,’ and is one of the unique names to name your baby girl.

131. Khudrah:

Khudrah is a Muslim baby girl name that originated from the Urdu language and means ‘greenery.’ This could be your choice of name if you are a nature-lover.

132. Laila:

We’re obsessed with this gorgeous name. Laila is an Arabic name, meaning ‘night.’

133. Lakia:

Lakia means ‘treasure’ in Arabic, perfect for your little treasure?

134. Latifa:

Latifa is a name that originated from the Arabic language and means ‘gentle’ or ‘pleasant.’ So, this could be the right name for your innocent little one.

135. Lina:

If you want your daughter to be a warmhearted and passionate individual, name her Lina, which means ‘tender.’

136. Liyana:

Liyana means ‘softness,’ or ‘tenderness.’ It would be the perfect name for your precious little bundle of joy.

137. Lubena:

The Urdu name Lubena means ‘purity.’ Wouldn’t it be an apt name for your baby girl who is the apple of your eyes?

138. Lulu:

Isn’t it a cute and spirited name? Lulu is derived from an Arabic word, meaning ‘pearl.’

139. Lutfiyah:

Want a unique name for your baby girl? Consider naming her Lutfiyah, which means ‘delicate,’ or ‘graceful.’ This name originated from the Arabic language.

140. Madiha:

This Muslim girl name means ‘praise’ or ‘admiration’ in Arabic.

141. Maha:

Apart from referring to the color and shape of the wild cow’s eyes, Maha also means ‘rare jewel’ or ‘spring with clear water.’

142. Mahala:

Women can do all and more things than men can! Mahala means ‘powerful’ – an apt name for a strong baby!

143. Mahek:

If you want your baby’s name to leave a lasting impression on people, consider naming her Mehak, which means ‘sweet smell.’

144. Maheen:

Here is a perfect name for your delicate and precious baby girl. The name Maheen means ‘delicate,’ ‘slim.’

145. Mahfuzah:

Girls are precious and need to be cherished and treasured. If you, too, feel the same about your baby girl, then consider the name Mahfuzah, which means ‘the protected one.’

146. Mahirah:

Do you dream of your child becoming a skilled and knowledgeable person? If yes, consider the name Mahirah, which means ‘skilled,’ ‘proficient,’ or ‘adept.’

147. Mahjabeen:

Is your baby girl as beautiful as the moon? Here is a name that is perfect for her. Mahjabeen is derived from the Persian words ‘Mah,’ meaning moon, and ‘Jabeen,’ meaning forehead. It can be translated to ‘moon-faced,’ or ‘moon-like.’

148. Mahra:

This not-so-common name is inspired by horse, one of the most important animals in Arab culture. Mahra means ‘filly.’

149. Malaika:

Here is an apt name for your little one. Malaika means ‘angel.’

150. Malala:

If you’re looking for a name that comes packed with history, go for Malala, which is derived from Malalai, the name of a 19th-century Afghan freedom fighter. Another famous bearer is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousefzai. Malala means ‘sad or grieved.’

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151. Maleeka:

If you want your daughter to rule the world, then the name Maleeka, meaning ‘queen,’ would be perfect for her.

152. Manar:

Manar is a stylish and modern Muslim girl name. It means ‘guiding light.’ Wouldn’t this name suit your baby girl who fills your life with happiness?

153. Manha:

If you believe your bundle of joy is a blessing from Allah, this name is apt for her as Manha means ‘gift of Allah.’

154. Marhaba:

Marhaba means ‘greeting’ or ‘welcome.’ This is a stylish and popular Muslim girl name.

155. Mariam:

Ever since Mary has been sailing out of style, its variations are becoming more and more popular. Mariam is the Arabic form of Mary and means ‘bitter’.

protip_icon Trivia

Mariam is the transliterated form of the name Maryam, revered in Islam as the only woman named in the Holy Quran.

156. Maysa:

Maysa means ‘to walk with a proud, swinging gait.’

157. Mazneen:

Mazneen means ‘shining gold.’ Give this name to your vibrant and beautiful baby girl.

158. Meher:

Meher means ‘benevolence’ in Arabic. It is a common Muslim name.

159. Mehreen:

Mehreen is derived from the Persian language. ‘Mehr’ means ‘sun’ or ‘love.’ In Islam, it is also known as ‘the gift of God.’

160. Meheroon:

Give this name to your cute and beautiful baby girl, as Meheroon means ‘charming, beautiful.’

161. Misba:

The lantern that shows the waySave

Derived from the Arabic language, Misba means ‘lamp’ or ‘light.’ It is derived from a Quranic verse and means ‘the lantern that shows the way.’

162. Muskaan:

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Why not name your little one with this beautiful name that means ‘smile.’

163. Naa’irah:

Does one look at your little girl’s face brighten your day? Consider naming her Naa’irah, which means ‘bright,’ or ‘shining.’

164. Nabila:

Your little princess is no less than nobility, right? Nabila is a perfect name meaning ‘noble.’

165. Nadia:

Derived from the Arabic language, Nadia’s means ‘tender and delicate,’ just like your precious baby girl. It also means ‘hope.’

166. Nadira:

What could be more apt to name your baby girl than Nadira, which means ‘rare,’ ‘unique.’

167. Nafeeza:

Is your baby girl the most precious thing in the whole world? Consider naming her Nafeeza, which means ‘precious,’ or ‘pure.’

168. Nahida:

Nahida is a popular Arabic name for girls. It means ‘gentle,’ ‘kind,’ or ‘soft.’

169. Naia:

Meaning ‘comfort and peace,’ this lilting moniker signifies two important things that everyone wants their daughters to have in life.

170. Nailah:

If you aspire your baby girl to become great in life, consider naming her Nailah, which translates to ‘one who succeeds.’

171. Na’imah:

A name that is both beautiful and meaningful, Na’imah means ‘tranquility or peace.’

172. Najida:

If you aspire your daughter to become a strong and independent woman, consider naming her Najida, which means ‘brave.’

173. Najma:

Najma is an Arabic girl name meaning ‘star.’ We think this would be the perfect name for your little one.

174. Najwa:

This interesting name has several meanings, including ‘secret,’ ‘whisper,’ and ‘passionate.’ We think it’s a lovely option for little girls.

175. Nargis:

Nargis is a Persian name that means ‘Narcissus, the daffodil flower.’ This name is well-known because of the leading actress Nargis.

176. Nashita:

Nashita means ‘full of life.’ Isn’t it an amazing name for your baby!

177. Nasira:

If your baby is the sunshine of your life, consider naming her Nasira, which means ‘a glowing star.’

178. Nasreen:

This is an elegant and beautiful name for your baby girl. It is derived from the Persian language and means ‘wild rose.’

179. Nazia:

This Arabic, Pakistani, and Indian Muslim name is familiar enough for assimilation. Nazia means ‘a woman of whom you can be proud.’

180. Nida:

If you are looking for a religious name for your baby girl, we suggest Nida, which means ‘call to prayer.’

181. Nilofer:

This beautiful name is apt for your baby girl. It means ‘lotus’ or water lily.’

182. Nimaah:

Nimaah means ‘blessing’ in Arabic. It is a very poetic name and has a beautiful ring to it.

183. Nimrah:

Nimrah is an Arabic name, which means ‘pure’ or ‘clean,’ and would be an apt name for your precious baby girl.

184. Nisa:

We see this moniker assimilating brilliantly into mainstream America. Nisa means ‘woman.’

185. Noushin:

Baby girls are all about kisses and snuggles. They are God’s sweetest creation, and Noushin means just that – ‘sweet.’

186. Nura:

Nura is a name with loads of beauty. It is the Muslim version of the Arabic name Noor and means ‘full of light’.

187. Nur Jahan:

This is the name of a powerful queen of the Mughal Empire and means ‘light of the world.’

188. Nusrat:

Nusrat is an Arabic name, meaning ‘aid,’ ‘assistance,’ or ‘victory.’

189. Nyla:

Nyla is an interesting name for baby girls. There are various stories about its origin; some say it originated from the Arabic word ‘na’ilah,’ which means ‘champion,’ while others say it was the name of an Egyptian princess.

190. Ojala:

If your little girl has filled your life with light and happiness, then she is the Ojala of your life. Ojala means ‘light of the universe.’

191. Omaira:

Meaning ‘red,’ Omaira is rare, yet beautiful, just like the little girl who’s blessed your family.

192. Pakeezah:

This name became famous because of its association with music and films. Pakeezah is derived from a Persian word and means ‘virtuous.’

193. Parveen:

Parveen is another famous name that is adorned by many famous personalities. It is derived from the Persian language and means ‘cluster of stars.’

194. Pegah:

Your baby is the dawn of a new life, a new hope, and a new dream! Pegah means ‘dawn’ in Arabic.

195. Qadira:

This powerful name means exactly what we women are – ‘powerful and capable.’

196. Qamara:

Does your baby girl have a face as beautiful as the moon? Then consider naming her Qamara, which means ‘the moon.’

197. Qirat:

This name sounds interesting, right? Its meaning is also intriguing. Qirat means ‘a beautiful recitation.’

198. Rabia:

Let your newborn grow into a lighthearted and cheery girl by naming her Rabia, which means ‘breeze.’

199. Radwa:

This Muslim name refers to a mountain location in Al-Medina. Radwa mountain is renowned for its height and beauty.

200. Rafeeqah:

This is a simple name, meaning ‘friend.’

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201. Rafia:

Rafia is a name that means ‘dignified.’ This makes a cute and sweet name for your baby girl.

202. Rahma:

Parents who want their daughters to have mercy and kindness in their hearts can pick the name Rahma, which means ‘compassion.’

203. Raheemah:

The Urdu name Raheemah means ‘merciful.’

204. Rajeeyah:

Life is a lot about hope. So, set your daughter on the right track by naming her Rajeeyah, which means ‘full of hope.’

205. Ramzia:

If you believe your little one is a gift from Allah, consider naming her Ramzia, which means ‘gift.’

206. Ranya:

This is a unique name and may make your little girl stand out in the crowd. Ranya means ‘conqueror.’

207. Rasha:

This name is not only beautiful to pronounce, but also has a graceful meaning. Rasha means ‘a young deer.’

208. Rashida:

Rashida means ‘righteous one’ or ‘one who knows her way.’ We think this name is perfect for your little girl, who would become a strong and independent woman one day.

209. Rayah:

As time goes by, your daughter will become more of a friend to you. Rayah means ‘a friend’ in Arabic.

210. Razia:

Razia is a Persian name, which means ‘content,’ or ‘pleased.’ This name is easy to pronounce and is also a meaningful one.

211. Reeha:

This modern and stylish Muslim girl name means ‘air.’

212. Rifaya:

This stylish and creative name means ‘brilliance.’ Your little girl would surely like this one.

213. Rida:

While Rida can be used for both boys and girls, it’s used more widely for girls. Rida means ‘God-fearing.’

214. Rihana:

Yes, one of the most famous singers of our generation has a name that’s Arabic. You can even spell it as Rihanna, and it means ‘sweet basil.’

215. Rima:

This old-timey name, highly popular in Pakistan, is famous for its association with Rima, the Jungle Girl, in the book “Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest.”

216. Rinaz:

If you aspire your little one to become famous one day, name her Rinaz, which means ‘great.’

217. Rizwana:

This is another angelic name for your baby girl. It means ‘beautiful,’ or ‘garden of heaven.’

218. Roha:

Roha is a name perfect for your baby girl, who is the love of your life. This name means ‘soul,’ or ‘life.’

219. Rubina:

You wish your baby girl to stay blessed her whole life, don’t you? So, why not name her Rubina, which means ‘blessed with love?’ It also means ‘waterfall.’

220. Rubiya:

Name your little one after the beautiful and colorful spring season as Rubiya means ‘spring.’

221. Ruhee:

This Urdu name is stylish and has an edge to it. Ruhee means ‘soul,’ ‘a flower,’ or ‘one who touches the heart.’

222. Rukhsana:

If your baby has a beautiful face that can melt hearts, name her Rukhsana, which means ‘beautiful.’

223. Rukhsar:

The meaning of this name might sound odd, but the name is a beautiful one, just like your baby girl. Rukhsar means ‘cheek’ or ‘face.’

224. Saaedah:

A popular yet traditional name, Saaedah means ‘the quiet one.’

225. Sabah:

The Arabic name Saba means ‘dawn,’ or ‘morning.’

226. Sabina:

Sabina is a graceful and elegant name, which means ‘flower.’ We suppose this would be apt for your sweet little girl.

227. Sabreen:

The name Sabreen is derived from SAAD-B-R, which is used in many places in the Quran. It means ‘patient’ or ‘forbearing.’

228. Sadaf:

Sadaf is a trendy and stylish name that originated from the Arabic language and means ‘seashell’ or ‘oyster.’

229. Sadaqah:

Sadaqah, meaning ‘charity,’ is one of our favorites. The ‘ah’ ending elevates it further.

230. Sadiya:

This eminently used, feminine version of Said means ‘luck or fortunate’.

231. Safiya:

Safiya is an Arabic feminine name that means ‘pure, or ‘sincere friend.’

232. Sahara:

This beautiful feminine name, meaning ‘desert,’ would make a striking first name for your daughter. You can even spell it as Zahara to add a zesty flair to your daughter’s personality.

233. Saida:

Saida is a common Muslim name and means ‘the fortunate one’ in Arabic.

234. Salena:

Salena means ‘moon’ in Arabic and is a beautiful name for a baby!

235. Salimah:

Defined as ‘safe and flawless,’ Salimah means everything that you want your daughter to be. Also, meaning ‘peace,’ this name could even give you restful nights.

236. Salma:

This is another popular Muslim name that has two origins. In Arabic, it means ‘peace and safety,’ and in Persian, it means ‘sweetheart.’

237. Samira/Samirah:

This beautiful Arabic origin name is now known globally, thanks to Samira Wiley, meaning ‘companion in evening conversation.’

238. Sana:

Sana, meaning ‘mountaintop or brilliant,’ is one of the most imported Muslim baby girl names.

239. Sarah:

This Old Testament name is used widely by Muslims all across the world. Its prominent namesake is Sarah Bernhardt, the iconic actress. Sarah means ‘princess.’

240. Shabana:

This is a common name in a Muslim household. If you want to go with a traditional name, go with Shaban, which means’ famous,’ or ‘young lady.’

241. Shabnam:

This refreshing name has a beautiful meaning. Shabnam means ‘dew.’

242. Shadan:

This beautiful name of Persian origin can work for both boys and girls. It has a light and lovely meaning – ‘cheerful.’

243. Shaden:

This poetic and charming name denotes grace and strength in the best way possible. Shaden means ‘baby gazelle who lives on her own in the wild.’

244. Shagufta:

If you want your baby girl’s name to be the symbol for prosperity, consider naming her Shagufta, which means ‘blooming, or ‘flourishing.’

245. Shaheema:

Shaheema means ‘smart,’ or ‘clever.’ This would be the perfect name for your baby girl who has both the looks and the brains.

246. Shaheen:

Wild birds, especially eagles, are given a significant status in Muslim culture. So why not pick a name inspired by the same? Shaheen means ‘eagle.’

247. Shahida:

This Arabic name means ‘witness.’ It is one of the popular names among Muslim girls.

248. Shahnaz:

Derived from the Persian language, shah means ‘king’ and ‘Naz means ’pride.’ So, Shahnaz means ‘pride of the king.’

249. Shaila:

This popular Muslim girl name originated from the Arabic language and means ‘small mountain, or ‘daughter of the hill.’

250. Shakira:

We love the Colombian singer with this name, and we feel that it will make a rhythmic name for your daughter. This Arabic name means ‘woman of grace.’

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251. Shama:

If your daughter is like the light that brightens your gloomy days, then name her Shama, as it means ‘lamp,’ or ‘candle.’

252. Shameena:

Shameena is a unique traditional name meaning ‘beautiful’ in Arabic.

253. Shareen:

This Arabic origin name means ‘sweet.’ We think it would make a beautiful name for your gorgeous little girl.

254. Shazia:

Shazia is a name that is unique and fits for your special little lady. It means ‘sweet,’ ‘aromatic.’

255. Soha:

Soha is a sweet and cute name. This Arabic origin name means ‘star.’ It is made famous by Soha Ali Khan, a well-known actress in Bollywood.

256. Sohana:

This would be the perfect name for your special girl, who would one day become a beautiful woman. Sohana means ‘graceful.’

257. Shokoufah:

Shokoufah, an Arabic name, means ‘blossom.’

258. Siddiqah:

Siddiqah stands for ‘one who keeps her word’ in Arabic.

259. Soheila:

Our children are the stars of our lives. So why not name her Soheila, which means ‘star’ in Arabic.

260. Sufia:

Sufia is an elegant Muslim version of the Greek name Sophia. It means ‘wisdom.’


As the name suggests, the meaning of Sultana is ‘ruler,’ or ‘empress.’

262. Sumayah:

Your baby is your joy and pride. Sumayah means ‘pride’ in Arabic.

263. Surraya:

This name has both Persian and Arabic origins. In Persian, Surraya means ‘princess,’ and in Arabic, it means ‘bright starlight.’

264. Taabah:

Taabah means ‘sweet, agreeable’ in Arabic. It is an unconventional Muslim name.

265. Tahira:

Tahira is an exotic yet accessible Muslim name, meaning ‘pure and chaste.’

266. Taima:

This beautiful name either means ‘thunder’ or ‘oasis.’ We think both the meanings are lovely, aren’t they?

267. Talibah:

Islam is a religion of knowledge. Talibah means ‘seeker of knowledge.’

268. Taliha:

With this name, meaning ‘one who seeks knowledge,’ your daughter will be as curious and knowledgeable as she will be cute with it.

269. Tamara:

Tamara means ‘date tree.’ It is a popular name in the Middle East as well as European countries.

270. Taseefa:

Taseefa means ‘clever,’ or ‘smart.’ This name is perfect for your bright little baby girl.

271. Taslima:

This is another popular Muslim girl’s name, which means ‘greeting,’ or ‘salutation.’

272. Tasnim:

This name means ‘fountain of paradise.’

273. Tehzib:

Looking for a name that shouts feminine? Try Tehzib. It means ‘elegance’ in Arabic.

274. Thana:

Thana, meaning ‘happy occasion,’ symbolizes the happy and cheerful time when your daughter was born.

275. Ubah:

Give this name to your little one who is as bright and innocent as a flower, as Ubah means ‘flower.’

276. Umaiza:

Umaiza is a unique name, meaning ‘beautiful and soft-hearted.’ If you wish your daughter’s name to stand out in the crowd, then consider this name.

277. Ummid:

Every parent has high hopes for their children. The name Ummid, which means ‘hope,’ reflects this sentiment perfectly.

278. Urshia:

If you think your daughter is a gift from heaven, consider this name. Urshia means ‘one who belongs to the skies.’

279. Valiqa:

This is a rare name, which means ‘ trustworthy.’ If you are looking for a unique name, then go for it.

280. Veeda:

Veeda is a unique name, meaning ‘evident’ in Arabic.

285. Wahida:

Here is a one-of-a-kind name for a one-in-a-million baby girl. Wahida means ‘unique.’

286. Waajidah:

This is a Muslim girl name meaning ‘one who achieves her goals in life.’ If you wish your daughter to be successful in life, then consider naming her Waajidah.

287. Wasifah:

This is another unique name, which means ‘describer.’

288. Yalina:

Here is a perfect name for a baby girl who is cute, sweet, and the epitome of all things nice. Yalina means ‘soft,’ or ‘gentle.’

289. Yamama:

Talking about unusual names, Yamama is an Arabic name, meaning ‘wild dove.’ This moniker denotes speed and agility.

290. Yaminah:

Yaminah is a great Muslim name and means ‘good and proper’ in Arabic.

291. Yara:

Also the name of a Brazilian Goddess, Yara is an Arabic name, meaning ‘small butterfly.’

292. Yasmin:

This classic Muslim name, meaning ‘jasmine flower,’ is popular globally now.

293. Yasna:

As beautiful as a white rose, Muslim girl namesSave

If your baby girl is as delicate and beautiful as a ‘white rose,’ then consider this name for her.

294. Yumna:

Do you believe the birth of your baby girl has brought luck to your family? If yes,  name her Yumna, which means ‘good fortune,’ ‘success.’

295. Yusur:

Yusur means ‘prosperous.’ If you wish your daughter’s name to stand out, give her this name.

296. Zada:

Zada, meaning ‘fortunate, prosperous, and unique,’ is a beautifully unique Muslim name.

297. Zafreen:

For the various roles she will play, and the bright future she has, Zafreen is the perfect name for your daughter. It means ‘victorious’ or ‘knowledgeable.’

298. Zahirah:

The extra ‘h’ in this moniker makes it distinct from its common spelling variant Zahira. The beautiful name means ‘luminous.’

299. Zaina:

Modern parents can go for the simplified form of Zainab, which means ‘beauty and grace.’ It’s easy to spell, pronounce, and even understand.

300. Zainab:

This traditional Muslim name was the name of both the daughter and wife of Prophet Muhammad, which explains its popularity. Zainab means ‘beautiful.’

301. Zaira:

A traditional name, Zaira, means ‘rose’ in Arabic.

302. Zakiyah:

Another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra, Zakiyah, is a great name that has rich historical connotations.

303. Zara:

If you want your daughter to grow up into a Fashionista, name her Zara, a Muslim name derived from the Arabic word ‘zahr,’ which means ‘flower.’

304. Zeeva:

This Arabic name means ‘brilliance’ or ‘brightness.’

305. Ziya:

Short and sweet, Ziya means ‘light.’ If you want a name that has a universal appeal, Ziya will be a good bet.

306. Zoya:

We couldn’t think of a better name to end this name. Zoya means ‘alive.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Muslim names reflect the culture and religion?

A name confers an identity and may be used to denote sex, religion, and ethnic origin. Muslim names express servitude and reverence to Allah, their God, and creator. A Muslim name, as a representation of its religion, reflects its traditions and practices and exudes core knowledge through its bearer.

2. What are some unique Muslim girl names that are less common?

Some unique and rare muslim names for a baby girl are given below.

EshaalA flower in paradise
IqraTo read
MehwishBeautiful, Moon

3. How do Muslim names change over time and in different countries?

During the expansion of the Muslim empire, people prominently took up the names of the prophets and close followers of the prophet. With time and due to the influence of local language and culture, people started adopting names that conformed to societal standards.

4. What are some modern Muslim girl names that are gaining popularity?

Popularity trends in baby names become diverse with time, region, culture, and nationality. Some of the modern names favored by today’s generation are given below.

AizaRespected, Noble
AmaraEternal beauty

5. What are the names of Islamic female leaders and figures?

Some famous and empowering Muslim women include Malala Yousafzai (Pakistani activist and Nobel laureate), Ilhan Omar (the first hijab-wearing Somali-American to be elected as a congresswoman in America), Ibtihaj Muhammad (first Muslim-American Olympic athlete to compete in the Olympics and win a medal), Tahera Rahman (first full-time Muslim TV reporter in the US) and Huda Fahmy (American author and cartoonist).

6. How do Muslim names impact the identity of a girl and shape her personality?

A Muslim name is an attribute of identification, uniqueness, and individuality. It helps her understand how others perceive her. It is widely believed that a person’s name can influence their fortune and destiny. It is an identification of its religion, the principles that shape the bearer’s cognitive and behavioral orientation.

Naming your little angel is both exciting and challenging. The names Aafia and Afreen denote beauty, while Malaika means an angel. You may name your princess Shazia, Surraya, or Daneen. Try Barika, Rashida, Jazmin, or Shagufta if you compare your little one with flowers and blossoms. Name her Jabeen if her cute smile mesmerizes you or Wahida if you think she is unique. Your star daughter can be called Soha or Najma, while naming her Meher, Daania, or Inaya would express your gratitude for the precious gift from God. This compilation of Muslim girl names is sure to help you select the one that best suits your beloved daughter.

Infographic: Muslim Naming Traditions

Besides considering personal preferences, several individuals follow cultural and religious naming traditions to find a suitable name for their baby. Since naming traditions vary across cultures, our infographic shares the information on the basic Muslim naming traditions and ceremonies.

What Is The Most Rare Name In Islam?

Rare Muslim Names With Good Meanings

  • Taha.
  • Tasnim.
  • Uzair.
  • Yusha.
  • Zaki.
  • Zoha.
  • Zubair.
  • Zuleika.

What Are Rare Arabic Names?

You’ll hardly hear these rare Arabic names on the playground:

  • Abid: Meaning “worshipper”.
  • Adnan: Meaning “settler”.
  • Aqeel: Meaning “knowledgeable”.
  • Bayan: Meaning “clear” or “eloquent”.
  • Burhan: Meaning “proof”.
  • Dalal: Meaning “passion”.
  • Duaa: Meaning “prayer to God”.
  • Farida: Meaning “unique”.

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