Unique Pregnancy Announcement to Parents

A unique pregnancy announcement is the best way to tell your parents and grandparents that you’re expecting a baby. Our elegant announcements create the perfect keepsake for new parents, framing the upcoming events with warmth, happiness and love.

This unique pregnancy announcement is perfect for any occasion. A lovely set of colors, our delicate script font and modern style make this a designer item that will be cherished by you or your loved one. Your child’s most important milestone is coming. This pregnancy announcement will be a beautiful way to share the good news with friends and family.

From the moment you dream of becoming a parent, you’ll want to share your special news with the world. Make your friends and family part of that moment with this personalized announcement featuring a darling pair of expectant parents. It comes in red and gold, so you can tell the story just like it was meant to be told!

What To Write in a Pregnancy Announcement Card To Parents

Hi parents! We’re thrilled to announce that we’re expecting a little baby in January 2020. Meet our sweet daughter, or son, or… whatever you decide to call her. We’re so excited to hold her/him/them in our arms and see what they have to say next!

I am excited to share with you the news that I am expecting a baby! Our family is thrilled at the thought of welcoming another addition to our growing family. As I look forward to starting this journey, I am certain that my husband and I will always be extremely grateful for your support along the way. My husband and I can’t wait to meet our child in just over a month! We hope you enjoy spending time with your little one in our home as much as we look forward to sharing ours.”

If you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant and are trying to be creative in the way you tell your family and friends, then we’ve got some fun ways that are definitely worth a try. These creative pregnancy announcements come from members of our Parent Squad, telling how they shared their exciting news that a new baby was on board in their family – number 26 is our favourite!

29 Fun Pregnancy Announcements

1. Get the family dog (first baby) to declare it

Emily: “This is how we announced! Lola was our first baby and we knew we wanted to include her somehow. This seemed like the best way and she is the best big sister!”

2. Get the siblings to say it  

Carley: “This is how we announced our third!”

3. Pregnancy announcement with pumpkins

Rachel: “This is how we announced baby number two!”


4. Make it look picture frame perfect

Kayleigh: “We had to include our puppy Boe!”

5. Tell your tale with some Disney inspiration

Rianne: “The glass dome and book were centrepieces from our wedding – we had different ‘fairy tales’ as each table at the wedding. I found this Chip and Mrs Potts teapot shortly before I got pregnant, and we are big Disney fans (we went to Disney world for our honeymoon) so we used them to make a beauty and the beast themed announcement!”

6. Simply show off your bump

Montana: “It was a late announcement, with my partner’s photography skills.”

7. Write it on a giant cookie

Jemma: “This is how we told our eldest he was going to be a big brother.”

8. Share your scan in a heart

Jennifer: “After 4 years of trying to conceive, numerous procedures, operations, needles and a lot tears. We never gave up. Our miracle IVF baby.”

9.  Print it on a personalised baby grow

Ruby: “This was our baby announcement – feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago!”

10. Take a family photo

Georgia: “This was taken on my son’s first birthday!”


11.  Welcome the new player to the squad

Trish: “This was our announcement, we’re all rugby fans, so what better way to announce a new player to the squad, we later had a gender reveal as well!”

12. Write it on a blackboard

Jess: “This is how I announced that my baby and only child was getting a new best friend!”

13. Write it in the sand

Victoria: “This is how we announced our pregnancy.”

14. Call it out with converse

Sadie: “We announced like this! I still love it!”

15. Post a picture of a positive pregnancy test

Rachel S: “We announced our pregnancy by telling our parents that: ‘me and hubby had bumped into someone who knows them but hasn’t seen them in years, and they gave me an envelope for them with the hopes of meeting up soon.’ This threw them right off! Inside the envelope was a picture of a positive pregnancy test with a card that had a removable heart magnet for the fridge which reads: Nanny and Grandad the best is yet to come. Even to this day that photo and magnet are still on their fridge!”

16. Get creative with a cartoon announcement

Debbie: “We asked one our favourite comic book artists to make something for us. He’s a penguin genius!”

17. Say it with Scrabble

Lucy: “They say a picture is worth a 1000 words! I used my mum’s Scrabble board to announce ours. She’d passed away the year before and I wanted to find a way to make her part of it.”

18. Get baby themed biscuits

Olivia: “Here’s how we announced our pregnancy.”

19. Get a t-shirt to tell all

Chantel: “This was our initial announcement.”

20. Coming soon with cars

Georgia-May: “This was our pregnancy announcement.”

21. Let everyone know with LEGO

Hannah: “We announced ours with LEGO figures of ourselves!”

22. Tell all by writing it on moving in boxes

Rachael: “We’d bought our first house literally a couple of weeks before getting pregnant. When we announced the pregnancy we were in the middle of renovating. We posted this with the caption of ‘Home renovation continues, we’re expanding by two feet.’”

23. Baby announcement with balloons

Faye: “This is how we announced our pregnancy on social media – the night of our 13 week scan.”

24. We sent a cot eviction notice

Hazel: “We sent this to the family!”

25. The Christmas elf left a special note

Kayleigh L: “Christmas 2018 the Elf left a special message with a baby elf to look after until their new baby arrived in June.”

26. Make a movie poster to announce your pregnancy

Jodie: “This was mine and my boyfriends! We’d only been together 3 months after our happy surprise. So we decided to go for a different more humorous way of announcing, to hopefully reduce the shock!”

27. Call out for a Superhero’s sidekick

Samantha: “We put the maybe because Grayson was due February 2018 and arrived November 2017!”

28. Make it known with mugs

Steph: “This is how we recently announced our pregnancy!”

29. Keep it simple and put with your own spin on it

Rhiannon: “We wanted something simple and nerdy for the pregnancy announcement.”

This is the best news we have heard in a long time. Congratulations! It is wonderful that you are expanding your family with another baby. You will both be blessed with many children and I know your life will be full of passion and joy. It has been a joy to watch your family grow. I am so happy for you, full of congratulations and love. You are going to be the best parents – your child deserves the best!

How To Announce Pregnancy To Parents Online

You can learn the many ways to announce pregnancy to parents in just a few clicks. The announcements come with several options for names and details, including location (country, state and city), birth timing, gender, due date, baby’s age and more.

When a couple decides to have a baby, the first thing they need to do is tell their parents and let them know that they’re going to have a baby. And the best way to achieve this is by sending an ultrasound scan and pictures of the baby via email. However, it can be traumatic for both the expectant mother and her partner if they have to break the news this way. So there are other alternatives available nowadays. For example, instant messenger chat rooms or even texting through apps like WhatsApp.



This synonym of pregnant makes it sound like there’s a big party at the end of it all rather than hours of excruciating, uh, discomfort. When expectant came into the language in the 14th century, it was with a general “characterized by expectation; waiting” kind of meaning. It didn’t describe the particularly expectant person who is anticipating giving birth sometime soon until the early 19th century. Expectant can describe either parent, but it’s especially used of the one who might also be expecting some unpleasant bouts of heartburn and maybe a charley horse or two. (Sorry!)

Expecting is used in the same way, but it lags significantly behind expectant, and we don’t expect that to change.


Caught doesn’t have the most charming ring to modern ears, but it had its time—mostly in the fast-receding past, and especially in the passive voice in phrases like “was caught” or “got caught.” Queen Victoria was caught nine times between 1839 and 1857, and the earliest known use of this sense of caught is found in a letter she wrote to her daughter:

Think of me who at that first time, very unreasonable, and perfectly furious as I was to be caught, having to have drawing rooms and levees and made to sit down—and to be stared at and take every sort of precaution.

Poor Vicky: the levees of which she writes are not the kind to which you drive your Chevy with the good old boys. We wish we could have taken her out for a mocktail and cheered her up a bit.



Let’s face it: pregnancy can leave a person feeling a little less than elegant. This synonym of pregnant is just what the midwife ordered: enceinte is French in origin, and retains its French pronunciation in English, making it sound très sophisticated. (Click here play for some audio coaching.)

Enceinte is thought to descend from the Latin incient- or inciens, meaning “being with young,” and earliest known evidence of it in English use dates to the early 17th century, making it a century older than the unrelated noun enceinte, which refers to a line of fortification enclosing a castle or town, as well as to the enclosed area itself. That word is also Latin in origin, coming from in- and cingere, meaning “to gird or encircle,” which frankly sounds like a sly allusion to matters involving the abdomen as well.


We recommend trying this word for “pregnant” out in several accents to determine which feels most appropriate. If you want to go for historical accuracy, try British and several centuries ago. Childing dates back to Middle English (English as it was used between the 12th and 15th centuries), and it’s sure to catch modern listeners completely off guard, which makes it just the word to bring out when someone makes an unwelcome remark about your pregnant personage. We mostly have evidence of it modifying the word “woman,” but we think the phrase “one childing badass” as a self-descriptor could be quite effective.

In addition to meaning “pregnant,” childing can also mean “productive, fruitful.” It can also describe flowers producing younger or smaller blossoms around an older blossom, which is a kind of floral maternal badassery.



This synonym of pregnant is appropriate especially when it feels like gravity has taken on new and specifically perinatal meaning. Like the word gravitygravid comes from the Latin word gravis, meaning “heavy.”

While adjusting to newly acquired weightiness can make even walking down the hallway a bit complicated, we note that what is weighty also has significance: this fact is reflected in the original meanings of gravity, which are “dignity of bearing,” “importance,” and “significance.” Gravid can also imply a fullness of import, which we think is appropriate.

Knocked Up


Wasn’t there a movie? Yes, in 2007. The movie is a comedy, and this (by some accounts vulgar) synonym of pregnant is best used for the same effect and only by the pregnant person herself. Green’s Dictionary of Slang traces the use of knocked up to the mid-19th century, when it entered the American English vernacular after previous life with such “hilarious” meanings as “tired, jaded, used up,” “bankrupt, impoverished,” “dead,” and “drunk.”



Preggers is a playful synonym of pregnant that’s newer than all the others we’ve covered so far: it’s a mid-20th century coinage that still carries hints of its origins in British English. Preggers is of about the same vintage as another British term that may beckon to your cravings or aversions, or to both, depending on the day: bangers and mash refers to a dish of sausages and mashed potatoes. Since such matters are well outside the purview of a dictionary, we will close only by saying that some are of the opinion that preggers people should be given all the bangers and mash they desire and that we do not disagree.

There are many ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant. If you’d rather have the conversation in person, try saying: I’m really sorry, but we can’t keep it. Pregnancy is a very special time. If you want to share the news, we know how difficult it can be to say those four words. We want to help you make that decision easier. Via email or text message, we’ll send an announcement with your loved ones so they know what’s happening from the moment you get that positive test result.

Fun Pregnancy Announcements To Parents

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Your baby is on the way! Share the good news with your friends and family by making a personalized pregnancy announcement. The perfect creative way to announce your pregnancy. A custom gift for expectant parents for their maternity or baby shower!

The perfect creative way to announce your pregnancy. A custom gift for expectant parents for their maternity or baby shower!

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