Urn For Baby Ashes

A perfect keepsake for holding the ashes of a baby. The ashes are beautifully displayed in this beautiful blue Baby Heart Urn for Ashes, which comes with a free stand and storage box. Great way to honor your loved one or memorialize the loss of a baby

Our Baby Heart Urn for ashes is a beautiful keepsake that’s perfect for memorializing the ashes of your baby. A precious gift to cherish forever, our small blue urn comes with a stand and an elegant box.

You can keep the ashes of your loved one close to your heart with this beautiful baby heart keepsake cremation urn. Whether you need to hold a small amount or all of the ashes, it has a 1/4″ opening for easy filling and replacement. This makes it the perfect size for smaller urns or for adding to a larger one later on.

Absolutely beautiful and elegant urns that are perfect for keeping the ashes of your loved ones. These urns are made of high quality resin, hand painted with great care and presented in a nice blue color. These baby heart shaped urns are a beautiful way to remember your baby who is no longer with you

This urn for a child’s ashes is small, but adorable and definitely serves its purpose. When you are ordering an urn for baby ashes, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, the size of the urn needs to be small enough so that parents can visit their child’s resting place without feeling overwhelmed. Secondly, there should be an inscription on the urn that reads something like ‘Rest In Peace’ or ‘Beloved Child’. It will be helpful if the inscription also mentions whether your loved one was a boy or girl so that you know what to expect when you look at the carving.

Beautiful small urn for ashes. So many colors to choose from! Small stand included, Some ashes in picture are not included originally as this is a display piece only! This is an item that you can use everyday and keep wherever you like.

UInique Baby Urns

We offer our deepest condolences at this hard time, we hope that you find some comfort in knowing that we will do our upmost to help you cherish the memory of your beloved child and to help provide the memorial your child deserves. Our range of infant urns and baby urns has been handpicked for their unique and beautiful design, serving to help celebrate the short life of your beautiful child. Our featured Angel and footprint urns are very popular as are our teddy bears and custom designed baby urns. If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch, we will do our best to help as much we can. For every sale of one of our baby urns, we will donate 10% of our profit to the Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents Charity (SSNAP)

The Tree of Life Child Cremation Urn is sculpted from finest brass, solid in cast. Each urn is unique and is handmade by a true artist. A wonderful memorial tribute for a final peaceful resting place.
Bottom opening brass plate secured with screws.

This beautiful Baby Heart Urn for Ashes makes a unique and lasting keepsake of your beloved child’s ashes. Let’s help you say goodbye to your precious baby with this delicate urn that will hold the remains of your loved one.

Honor your loved one with this stunning baby heart shaped urn for ashes. This beautiful wooden cremation urn is the perfect way to hold the ashes of a newborn baby, it’s beautiful blue color and intricate carvings will warm your heart and give you a sense of peace. The urn comes with a stand and velvet box for easy display.

This precious heart shaped ash keepsake urn for baby’s ashes is the perfect way to honor the memory of your lost loved one. A lovely blue color, this small urn will serve as a beautiful reminder of their life, while also providing a lasting place to keep their ashes safe. The stand can be placed on a desk, table or shelf and suited to any home decor or nursery.

From our collection of baby urns, this heart shaped urn is the perfect place to keep the ashes of your loved one. This beautiful keepsake is made from solid brass and has a safety lock on the bottom that prevents any spillage if the urn were to be knocked over.

Be careful of the quality and know your source when you are looking for a container to hold ashes. You can be assured that this product is made to last and it’s apparent after touching the glass. I’ve been through many and this is by far the best I’ve owned!

Our keepsake urn for ashes is created with a beautiful, blue heart shaped glass that is hand blown and a gold-plated urn stand. The clear glass interior of the urn allows you to view the precious cargo inside. In addition, it comes with an elegant velvet box for ease of storage. Our urn has been designed to last forever and keepsake contents have been placed permanently inside.

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