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Mamas, I am thinking about you this morning. A friend who I had babies with recently had a new baby. Seeing her photo this morning on Facebook hit me hard in a few different ways.

I am thinking about you this morning. A friend who I had babies with recently had a new baby. Seeing her photo this morning on Facebook hit me hard in a few different ways. There was so much joy and relief in her face that her little one was finally here. Another feeling that came up for me? Jealousy.

Seeing her photo and this meme made me feel so much better. To see moms, happy and healthy with their new babies is so amazing. I am so grateful to be a mama!

I thought I would write this post, to share a few thoughts I have on our new little one and what the last couple of weeks have been like.

I am so excited for you and so happy that you are finally a mother. And as much as I hate to admit it, I am a little jealous too.

Waiting For Baby To Arrive Funny

Mamas, I am thinking about you this morning. A friend who I had babies with recently had a new baby. Seeing her photo this morning on Facebook hit me hard in a few different ways.

Funny Baby Memes

Babies make my ovaries explode. I loved being pregnant, the baby stage and all that motherhood has to offer. The good, bad, ugly – it all makes for an amazing adventure. 

baby memes funny
best baby memes for new parents

Four kids means four times I’ve had babies and oh how I miss them. These funny baby memes bring back so many memories. From the crying baby meme to funny pictures of babies, enjoy these funny memes about babies.

funny bad mom meme quokkas toss their babies at predators so they can escape
funny bad mom meme

Memes About Babies  show 

I am a big fan of laughing thru the hard times. Oh, I cry too – but try to leave that for the shower.

baby meme about ovaries
baby meme – that kid is so cute its making my ovaries saliva

These funny baby memes will do just that. Humor through relatability is gold! SO, give that mama that you know a free gift by sharing this post of funny baby memes with her. Another newborn gift idea would be to figure out how to make Alexa do all of these parenting baby commands, like this one.

feed baby bottle alexa meme
feed baby bottle alexa meme

Okay, this totally makes me want to have another kid. Eyebrows on babies should be a requirement.

baby eyebrows meme

When you are reborn and start seeing the people that owed you money from your previous life. Also can we just pause and all agree that babies are not cute when they are first born. I am not saying they aren’t precious little miracles, Karen. What I am saying is that an ugly baby is not uncommon at birth, ugly baby meme to prove it.

past life baby meme
funny baby meme

Baby with Teeth Meme

Or hey, we are big fans of dads too – so share this post and make their day!

baby teeth meme
baby with teeth meme – why babies are born without teeth
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Can we just give praise hands that babies aren’t born with a full set of teeth. Though I do have a cousin who was born with a tooth or two! Baby born with teeth? No worries, it’s normal for babies to have teeth at birth.

Baby Teething Memes

Speaking of baby born with teeth, even if your had all gums, eventually newborns grow teeth. Let me tell you, teething and nursing – yikes.

baby teething meme - shark when your nursing baby is teething
baby teething meme

Breastfeeding a teething baby be like.

breastfeed teeth baby
breastfeeding meme about baby teething

Fat Baby Memes

Out of 4 kids, only had 1 fat baby but sure do love these funny fat baby memesIf you are a parent that needs a good laugh – or better yet… one of the best FREE gifts you can give a new mom (or really ANY mom!) is the gift of a giggle, smile or laugh.

fat baby thighs meme - if one more person asks if i sell tire

Fat baby meme- thighs are the best.

Baby Fart Meme

OH SHART! That baby fart meme, when you realize that the baby’s fart was actually a shart.

End of Pregnancy Memes

Childbirth induces a whole cluster of emotions — anticipation, love, excitement, joy, etc. And, for many women, also fear. 

In fact, the fear of childbirth plagues as many as one in 10 women.  So, if you’re nervous about giving birth, you’re not alone. That’s why there are so many childbirth memes floating around the internet to remind you that you, too, have got this! Here are 25 of the most motivational and too-true ones out there.

1. Your birth is going to be that awesome.

birth memePhoto via Pinterest

2. Hang in there — it’ll be over soon.

waiting for baby to be born meme with text this will not last foreverPhoto via Pinterest

3. Your baby is coming…

Photo via Pinterest

4. Childbirth is natural.

Photo via Pinterest

5. Your body knows what to do.

Photo via Pinterest

6. You are strong.

Photo via Pinterest

7. Trust yourself.

Photo via Pinterest

8. You’re going to come out of this a mother.

Photo via Pinterest

9. Just let it be.

Photo via Pinterest

10. Relax, you got this.

Photo via Pinterest

11. Practice some gratitude mantras to get you through.

Photo via Pinterest

12. Your birth is normal.

Photo via Pinterest

13. You’re not alone in this.

labor meme someecards with image of babyPhoto via Pinterest

14. Keep calm.

Photo via Pinterest

15. Repeat: “I’ve got this.”

Photo via Pinterest

16. Ignore everyone else — do this for you!

Photo via Pinterest

17. Be realistic.

Photo via Pinterest

18. They call it the “miracle of childbirth” for a reason.

Photo via Pinterest

19. The stages of childbirth…

childbirth meme with overdue babyPhoto via Pinterest

20. Way your options so you can birth the way that makes you feel comfortable.

Photo via Pinterest

21. Remember: This isn’t the tough part.

Photo via Pinterest

22. You can handle the pain.

encouraging childbirth meme for momsPhoto via Pinterest

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