Walking Harness For Baby

Baby Walking Harness Baby Walker – Adjustable Safety Harnesses, Pulling and Lifting Dual Use 7-24 Month Breathable Stand Up & Walking Learning Helper for Infant . This Baby Walker Harness keeps your baby safe and sound during their first steps as well as helping them practice standing up unassisted.

The Baby Walking Harness is a must for every parent who wants to make sure their child can walk safely and confidently. The harness helps stabilize the child, allowing them to stand up and learn to walk on their own. Feel secure that your little one won’t slip of topple over when trying to move with confidence

baby walking harness is made of soft materials, provides a comfortable and safe way for your baby to stand and walk. It can be adjusted to fit any size of your kids. With this baby walker you can let your kid learn how to stand, pull up and walk independently from you. It will provide many hours of fun for you and your baby

The baby walking harness helps you and your little one practice the skill of walking, encouraging him or her to stand in place with confidence. You can now easily lift up your baby if they fall down while learning to walk, or push them while they’re learning to walk.

The Baby Walker Harness is made with adjustable shoulder straps and leg straps. The shoulder straps are designed to keep your child safe and stable on the harness, and the leg straps provide support for the feet so that they can stand up securely.

Baby Walking Harness Good or Bad

We’ve designed our walking reins and harness to give stability and support to your little one as they get used to walking in the big wide world.  With easily adjustable waist & shoulder straps and detachable walking reins, this harness can grow with your little one and their ever changing needs, from 6 months to 4 years.

Please ensure you only use the straps provided with this harness, and be sure not to add to or modify this harness in any way.

hazards and cautions:

Always make sure that the harness fits your child correctly.
The walking rein should be used to help control your child when he/she is able to walk.
Regularly check the harness for damage


WARNING – Beware of the danger when using reins near automatic doors,escalators etc.
WARNING – Remove any detachable reins when the harness is fitted into a child use and care article.
WARNING- Keep out of child’s reach when not in use.
WARNING – Do not use this harness in motorised and power driven vehicles.
Do not add or modify this harness and reins in any way as this could reduce the safety of the product.


Remember, even when the harness is correctly fitted,it is not a subsititute for the personal supervision of your child, never leave  your child unattended.

A baby walking harness is a safety tool, which helps parents and children to prevent injuries caused by falls when the baby is learning how to walk. This harness has reinforced webbing for strength and durability, making it perfect for your little explorer.

Harness for Baby Hips

The walking helper will build a sense of stand and walking for baby during toddlers period, allowing your baby keep balances and stand more naturally, and your baby will be more confident to learn walking with such a funny helper. Therefore, your baby will have a good sense of balance and learning walking so fast with this walker wing.  If you don’t have any walking helper for baby when they start to stand and walk, you have to bend over to help them. And a long time bending back will make you feel sore back.

Key Features:

  • Helps baby learn to stand up, keep balance and walk steadily during toddler period(6+ months)
  • Perfectly reduces backache to parents while helping baby learning to walk
  • Made from cotton material

Brand – Syga
Type – Walking Assistant Harness
Age – 6 to 24 Months
Material – Cotton
Chest circumference: 28-33 cm 
Suitable for Baby with Weight 5-25 kg 

Items included in the Package:
1 Walking Assistant Harness
Country of Origin: China

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