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Our Nursery Décor category offers a great selection of Wall Decals and Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms. Shop now for the best prices in Wall Decals for your kids room, baby nursery or kids playroom.

The Moon and Stars Wall Decal Vinyl Sticker for Kids Boy Girls Baby Room Mural Decor Removable is the perfect mural, stickers and decals for your little one’s room walls. This large sticker is an ideal way to give your baby room that special touch that it needs. It works great on a white wall without ruining the paint. This makes for a quick, simple and affordable solution for any nursery wall.

Style your kid’s room with vinyl decals that are easy to install and remove. Our Nursery Décor category offers a great selection of Wall Decals for Boys, Girls and Baby Rooms. We also have DIY Wall Stickers for Walls, Windows and Doors.

An adorable addition to your nursery, these moon and stars wall decals will create an inviting space for your little one. Perfect for decorating baby nurseries, bedrooms and more.

A super cute wall decal for baby boy or baby girl. It is a set of moon and stars wall decals, which you can separate using scissors to make them smaller or move them around.

Make your baby’s room a little adventurous and fun with our wall decals. These vinyl stickers are removable, reusable and can be applied to almost any clean surface. With a variety of styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Best Wall Decals For Nursery

Decorating the nursery is often one of the better parts of expecting a baby, from curating baby’s first book shelf to deciding on cute storage options. And decorating the walls? We love it.

The thing about babies, though, is that they grow into children and then teenagers, and you can bet their tastes (and yours) are going to change. So you might be hesitant to put up wallpaper or use permanent paint on a mural they might outgrow in just a few short years. That’s where temporary decor solutions like wall decals come in—most go on the walls with a simple peel-and-stick, and you can change up your child’s decor as they get older. And since they’re easily removable, wall decals are also great if you rent your apartment or house.

Whether placed above the crib or on a statement wall, there’s a wall decal for every nursery theme and style. Here are our favorite individual designs as well as our favorite places to find even more decals.

Sweet Shapes

Wordy Bird Studios Stars Wall Decals - $22.95+.

Wordy Bird Studios Stars Wall Decals


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With sets starting at 68 pieces and going all the way up to 272, these sweet stars make it easy to create a brilliant night sky on any wall. They come in almost any color you can think of, and you could even create your own constellations using the mix of large, medium and small sizes.

Kenna Sato Designs Arrow Wall Decals - $27.99.

Kenna Sato Designs Arrow Wall Decals


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The Millennial love affair with arrows as a design element continues into modern nurseries. These arrows are so simple, yet they add so much to any blank wall. And with 44 colors to choose from, they’re one of the most versatile designs on this list.

Rainbow Confetti Dots - $79.00.

Rainbow Confetti Dots


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These sweet little decals take the most classic of all shapes and pumps it up a notch. Whether they remind you of confetti at a party or sprinkles on a cupcake, the mix of bright and pastel rainbow colors bring joy to any nursery.

Simple Shapes Triangles Wall Decals - $30.00.

Simple Shapes Triangles Wall Decals


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Talk about modern-inspired! The clean lines of these triangles say “small and chic” and are a sophisticated alternative to polka dots.

Lovely Wall Multi Pastel Terrazzo - $50.00.

Lovely Wall Multi Pastel Terrazzo


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Looking for shapes that are a little less defined but still geometric? This set of 125 individually-cut oddball shapes looks more like paper confetti for a party, bringing the spontaneous and fun side to the geometric decal trend.

Inspired by Nature

Cherry Blossom Tree Decal - $130.00.

Cherry Blossom Tree Decal


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There’s nothing quite like bringing the outdoors inside, and this stunning cherry blossom tree allows all the peace and beauty of nature fill your baby’s nursery (and you don’t have to water a single plant!). You can even customize the colors of the petals to match your nursery’s theme.

Love the thought of tree decals but not crazy about all the florals? Simple Shapes also offers this birch tree scene complete with friendly owls.

Cloud Island Floral Wall Decal - $29.99.

Cloud Island Floral Wall Decal


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If your walls have less space for decor, or if an entire tree isn’t your thing, these watercolor florals can fit just about anywhere.

Lovely Wall Rainy Rainbows - $45.00.

Lovely Wall Rainy Rainbows


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The joy of rainbows and the peace of gentle rain combine for a colorful, tranquil setting in this 190-piece set. The hand-drawn designs make it perfect for any kid-occupied space (and might bring out your little one’s inner artist, too).

Looking Far West wall decal - $190.00+.

Looking Far West wall decal


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Nature isn’t always tall trees and darling florals. Sometimes it’s a serene desert landscape with wide mountains and warm hues. We love this wall-sized decal (it’s really a removeable mural) for any nursery inspired by the deserts of the West.

White Clouds Peel & Stick Wall Decals - $10.99.

White Clouds Peel & Stick Wall Decals


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buybuy BABY$10.99

Want a decal design that’ll set the mood for sleep? These fluffy clouds have “dreamland” written all over them (not literally).

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Animal Pals

Happy London Zoo Animal Tree - $19.97.

Happy London Zoo Animal Tree


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Foster a sense of family and fun with these jungle friends! Their bright colors and smiling faces are sure to make your little one smile in return.

Sea Family - $39.99.

Sea Family


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Got a nautical-themed nursery? These sea critters are splashin’ good time. We love these decals for kiddo’s bathroom too, and they might help bath time go a little easier.

Mini Bunny Family - $10.00.

Mini Bunny Family


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With eight different color palettes to choose from, these sweet little bunnies can match just about any woodland-themed nursery.

Dinosaurs - $30.00.



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Get your mini-paleontologist started with these dino favorites available in eight color palettes. And what would a dinosaur be without the classic dinosaur sounds? This set comes with five speech bubbles so you can practically hear the rawrs.

On the Go

Planet Wall Art Transportation Wall Decal - $76.00+.

Planet Wall Art Transportation Wall Decal


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Beep beep! This brightly colored cityscape features some favorite vehicles (firetruck, police car and garbage truck, oh my!), so there’s plenty for eager little eyes to look at. Need a better match for your nursery colors? You can pick your own color scheme for this design by choosing the “custom color” option!

South Sound Graphics Train Room Wall Decor - $20.00+.

South Sound Graphics Train Room Wall Decor


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Trains are a classic nursery decor option since babies and toddlers always find them so fascinating. This sweet little train comes in three different sizes and has a perfect nursery feel.

Trucks and Diggers - $30.00.

Trucks and Diggers


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Is your little one all about those construction vehicles? This decal design brings the excitement of bulldozers, dump trucks and excavators right to kiddo’s bedroom (without all the dirt!).

Airplane Wall Decal with Clouds - $35.00.

Airplane Wall Decal with Clouds


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Up, up and away! Let your little one’s imagination take to the skies with these tiny cheerful planes—made all the sweeter by fluffy white clouds.

Infinite Imagination

Magical Garden - $275.00+.

Magical Garden


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Inspire a love of fantasy, magic and imagination early on with this whole-wall mural featuring frolicking unicorns and whimsical plantlife.

Decal Baby Enchanted Lantern Keyhole - $19.99+.

Decal Baby Enchanted Lantern Keyhole


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A window to a wondrous world is easy to create thanks to this realistic 3-D keyhole decal. And with a scene that feels straight out of Alice in Wonderland, it’s sure to spark any little one’s imagination.

Space Adventures - $54.99.

Space Adventures


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Rockets, planets and a patriotic astronaut encourage a budding imagination, inspiring your little one to boldly go where no baby has gone before…

Personalized Designs

Custom Children's Name Wall Decal - $39.99+.

Custom Children’s Name Wall Decal


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Nothing says “baby’s room” like having their name right there on the wall. This personalized decal includes both a monogram and baby’s name in cursive, and you can match it to your nursery theme with over two dozen colors to choose from.

Sticky Wall Vinyl Name Decal - $5.00+.

Sticky Wall Vinyl Name Decal


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Whether you’re looking for monograms, cursive, block letters or fun illustrations, the Sticky Wall Vinyl shop on Etsy has hundreds of options for personalizing the nursery for your little one.

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Decal - $1.95+.

Belvedere Designs Custom Wall Decal


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Have a favorite lullaby or saying you always share in your family? You can take nursery personalization a step further by creating a custom quote to place above the crib, on the playroom wall or wherever you want baby to remember your special words.

Chalkboard Wall Decal - $24.00.

Chalkboard Wall Decal


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It’s never too early to encourage your little one’s creative side. This chalkboard wall decal gives them their own space to create and customize their room however they want (and let’s face it, they were going to color on the walls anyway). Since this decal is a peel-and-stick just like any other, it’s much easier to put on and take off than chalkboard paint.

Where to Buy Wall Decals

Here are our favorite places to find tons of wall decals to spruce up baby’s space:

The Lovely Wall

Instagram-favorite brand The Lovely Wall has all kinds of decals for any kind of space, whether you’re looking for pops of color, subtle geometry, educational tools or anything in between. And their designs are always on trend, so you can be sure that wherever you stick these decals, it’ll be Instagram-ready.


As their name implies, Wallums specializes in all things wall decor, including peel-and-stick decals, wallpaper and murals. They have lots of budget-friendly designs starting as low as $9.99 in just about every genre and style you can imagine, as well as designs with mid-range all the way up to large, highly detailed pieces for $200+.


You probably know Minted for their greeting cards and invitations, and while they’re relatively new to the wall decal/mural scene, they’ve got hundreds of stunning designs from artists around the country. We love that their murals take up an entire wall for a bit of dramatic flair, but go up and come down much easier than wallpaper or paint. They’ve got everything from the fantastical to the realistic to the artistic, so there’s a mural for every nursery and for every parent’s style.


Etsy is our favorite one-stop shop for all things from small businesses and independent artists. With thousands of items from hundreds of small indie shops (all with massive amounts of talent!), you’re sure to find something that speaks to your personal style. And you can feel good knowing you helped support an independent creator.

Simple Shapes

Simple Shapes is another one of those brands that deals exclusively in wall decor, making it really easy to find what you want (rather than hunting through seemingly endless categories). For designs that feel modern, whimsical or a little quirky, this online store has decals, murals or wallpaper to fit your style.

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