Wall Mount For Baby Monitor

The Adjustable Angle Wall Mount for Arlo Baby Monitor and Motorola Baby Monitor is easy to install and use. The sturdy aluminum alloy material prevents the mount from bending, breaking or deforming. It fits all Arlo Baby monitor models and most universal monitors cameras.

This wall mount can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable position for you, providing a clear view of your baby monitor. It’s made from high quality aluminum alloy and has a solid construction. It is suitable for most universal monitors cameras.

This adjustable angle wall mount features an innovative design, which secures any Arlo Smartcam, Motorola Smartcam and most other cameras. It is made of rust-proof aluminum alloy material, which makes it durable and reliable. You also have to worry about any hardware installation as this wall mount can be mounted in just seconds

With this Adjustable Angle Wall Mount, you can effectively monitor your baby with a stable image. Also, it’s compatible with most brands’ baby monitors and other waterproof cameras.

Universal Baby Monitor Wall Mount

After trying different mounting options in my kid’s room, I found the best solutions to have a good view and secure the monitor from an accident.

To mount a baby monitor into your kid’s room, you have a multitude of options. The most optimal way to install a monitor is to the wall or on a shelf. If you prefer to have a closer view of your baby’s crib, you can also opt for a clip or a tripod. But don’t forget to secure the cable to the wall, since it can be a severe strangulation risk for your kids. Here’s what you need to mount your monitor safely.

This article will cover:

  1. Baby monitor shelf
  2. Baby monitor wall mount
  3. Baby monitor stand
  4. Baby monitor clip
  5. Baby monitor cable and outlet cover

Baby monitor camera shelves

In my experience, using a shelf is the ideal way to get an unobstructed view of the whole room. With this bird-eye-view angle, you avoid the blind spots created by the cribs slab or the furniture.

Also, it keeps the monitor from your kid’s reach, while been accessible to you if you need to move it to another room.

Small shelf with a flat surface

Small shelf with a flat surface

This small shelf is so stylish and small enough to hold a baby monitor. The minimalistic design can fit in any kid’s room decor. Once installed, the mounting brackets become invisible.

This floating shelf comes in black or white and can hold up to 2.5 pounds. The shelf is 9.8-inch wide with a 4.8-inch depth by 1.5-inch thick.

In my opinion, this is the fashionable options to mount your baby monitor. But, I would recommend using 3M strip or tape to secure the monitor camera to the surface. You don’t want your expensive video monitor to fall on the floor.

For all the shipping details and price for this small shelf, check Amazon here.

Adhesive small shelf stand

Adhesive small shelf stand

You want to mount your baby monitor to a shelf, but don’t want to drill holes in your walls? Here’s a solution, who won’t leave a mark on your wall.

This small shelf requires no tools or drilling because it uses adhesive strips to stick to the wall. It can adhere to any surfaces; paint, wood, wallpaper, wall decals, vinyl, and tiles. The installation is damage free, and the shelf can hold up to 2 pounds.

There’s two version available; the 4 inches or 21 inches. Plus you can choose between black or white.

Size: 4.2-inch wide with 3.8-inch depth by x 4-inch thick or the 21.1-inch wide with 3.1-inch depth by 4.1-inch thick.

For all the shipping details and price for this small adhesive shelf, check Amazon here.

Flat shelf with cable management

Flat shelf with cable management

This shelf was made to hold electronic devices, such as baby monitors. Instead of having to run the cables from your monitor to the side of the shelf, the wire goes through a hole in the middle of the shelf.

Also, this flat shelf uses 3M adhesive command strips to hold on the wall. The installation will take less than a minute, and if you take it down, you won’t have to repair the wall.

To blend into your kid’s room decor, you can pick the white or black option. Also, depending on the length of the surface you need, you can choose between the 9-inch or 12-inch wide with a 3.75-inch depth.

For all the shipping details and price for this shelf, check Amazon here.

Corner shelf with cable management

Corner shelf with cable management

The VuSee corner sheld has a universal fit and can hold any baby monitor cameras. It works with Infant Optics, Summer Infant, Angelcare, Avent, Graco, Samsung, VTech, and Safety 1st baby monitors.

This corner shelf is the perfect space saver because of its small size and design. It’s also a safe option because the baby monitor cable is easy to secure to the corner of the wall.

Just like the other baby monitor shelf, the VuSee doesn’t require to be fixed permanently, has it uses 3M Command strip to hold firmly on the room wall. But, if you want to make it extra secure, you can add screws and anchors. I would worry about making it more secure because the shelf can hold up to 2 pounds, which is more than enough to hold a small camera.

This shelf is made in the USA, and it’s my top pick concerning safety.

For all the shipping details and price for this corner shelf, check Amazon here.

Baby monitor wall mounts

Mounting your monitor to the wall will provide you the accurate bird-eye view of your baby’s crib and the whole nursery.

Your wall is the most secure place to mount a baby monitor. If carefully mounted, it will be out of your kid’s reach, and you won’t risk to knock it down by accident.

Still, I would strongly advise you don’t install the monitor directly over the crib if you are using only adhesive strips because there’s always a small chance that it fall or get pulled into the crib. If you do install it over the crib, mount the monitor with screws and secure the wire using a cable cover.

Universel wall mount

Universel wall mount

In my opinion, this is the ideal mounting option for your baby monitor. It’s easy to install, no tools are required, and you’ll be using only 3M adhesive strips to hold to the wall.

This wall mount can support any baby monitor since it was made to hold up to 2 pounds.

The VuSee universal wall mount is compatible with most baby monitor models. If you own an Infant Optics, Summer Infant, Angelcare, Avent, Graco, VTech or Safety 1st monitor, it will work. If it doesn’t fit, the company will refund you, no question ask.

This wall mount is 6 x 6 inches with a 1.5-inch edge. The VuSee universal wall mount made entirely in the USA, and it’s the safest in his category.

For all the shipping details and price for the VuSee universal wall mount, check Amazon here.

Infant optic DXR-8 wall mount

Infant optic DXR-8 wall mount

This wall mount is specially made for my favorite baby monitor, the Infant Optic DXR-8.

The installation is easy because it will hold to your wall with only the 3M adhesive strips. Plus, you will have two pins to insert in your wall, but they are very tiny, and I wouldn’t worry about it since they won’t leave obvious holes in your drywall.

This monitor stand is 4.9-inch by 3-inch with a 1.3-inch edge, and it will look neat with your DXR-8.

For all the shipping details and price for the Infant optic DXR-8 wall mount, check Amazon here.

Infant optic DXR-8 door mount

Infant optic DXR-8 door mount

This holder could be the solution if you don’t want to fix your Infant optic DXR-8 to the wall. It’s very convenient since you can move it around the house.

You only need a door to hang it, and it can fit into almost any type of door panel. The holder as a little hook that wraps around the top the door.

For all the details for this door mount, check Amazon here.

Baby monitor stands

A stand is your most reliable options if you can’t mount the monitor to the wall.

You still get a good view of your kid’s room without having to install the monitor directly on the edge of the crib. No tools and no drilling are required because the holder can be clamp to the side of any piece of furniture or shelf.

The flexible arm can be bend into the perfect position. A baby monitor stand is also easily removable and portable if you ever go on vacation with your baby.

Flexible tripod stand with crib clip

Flexible tripod stand with crib clip

The Flexxicam is a universal stand can hold any camera less than 3.8-inch wide. As for the clip, it can attach safely to any surfaces.

This 33.5-inch stand as rubber pad to prevent damage to your kid’s room furniture.

For all the details for the Flexxicam flexible tripod stand, check Amazon here.

Infant optic DXR-8 camera stand

Infant optic DXR-8 camera stand

This flexible stand is compatible with your Infant Optics DXR-8 and probably with other models too. Because It can handle any camera of less than 4-inch width. It also has a 0.25-inch threaded connection to mount the monitor.

The clamp and the flexible arm are made in metal covered with a silicone finish. Plus you can pick between the black or white option. If you have an Infant optic DXR-8, I strongly recommend this stand.

For all the details for the Infant optic DXR-8 camera stand, check Amazon here.

Baby monitor clips

If you like the portability of a baby monitor clip, but without the long flexible arm, the following options are for you.

You’ll still be able to get the best view of your baby by clipping your monitor to a shelf or high piece of furniture.

A baby monitor clip is an excellent option if you don’t want to drill holes in your wall to mount your monitor.

Universal clip

Universal clip

This clip is all-stainless-steel made with a 360-degree rotation adjustment to get the perfect angle for your camera monitor.

The clip can grab to the camera base of a 2-inch to 4-inch wide monitor. It’s also compatible with monitors who have a 0.25-inch threaded mount.

For all the shipping details and price for this universal clip, check Amazon here.

Infant optic DXR-8 crib clip

Infant optic DXR-8 crib clip

This version of the crib clip is made for the best monitor, the Infant optic DXR-8.

The clip is adjustable and can grab to any surfaces. Silicon pads are used to prevent scratches on your furniture. This clip is very convenient because of its portability.

For all the shipping details and price for the Infant optic DXR-8 crib clip, check Amazon here.

Baby monitor cable and outlet covers

Once you found the ideal mounting options for your monitor, it’s essential to secure the wires and the electrical outlet.

Having a loose wire dangling along the wall of your kid’s room is a severe strangulation hazard. Please don’t neglect to secure the cable correctly.

Also, I would recommend childproofing the electrical outlets to prevent your kid from injuries or damage your monitor.

Cable cover

Cable cove

A cable cover is the most secure way to hide your baby monitor cable.

In the cable concealer kit, you find everything you need to organize and hide the wires. You’ll get 150-inch long of cable covers along with elbow joints to create the angles.

The covers are secured to the wall with adhesive tape and screws.

This solution will conceal the loose cables and blend easily in your decor. If you want you can even paint over to match the color of your walls.

Most schools and daycare center are using this kind of cable cover.

For more details on the cable cover, check Amazon here.

Cable sleeve

Cable sleeve

If you don’t want to fix the cable to your kid’s wall permanently, you should opt for the cable sleeve. With this solution, the loose wire will be concealed but still accessible.

Ideal to secure the loose wire and have easy access to them because of the zipper along the flexible tube.

For all the shipping details and price for this cable sleeve, check Amazon here.

Electrical outlet cover

Electrical outlet cover

Your baby shouldn’t play with electrical cable, and this is why I would advise to hide them behind the furniture.

If it’s impossible, you should get an electrical plug cover.

This childproof casing will stop your kids from unplugging the cable.

For more details on the electrical outlet cover, check Amazon here.

Power strip outlet cover

Power strip outlet cover

If you use a power strip in your kid’s room, it would be a good idea to secure it with a childproof cover.

This power strip outlet cover was designed to keep the cable out of baby’s reach. It can be adjusted to any length and can also be mounted to the wall.

For all the shipping details and price for this power strip outlet cover, check Amazon here.

Electrical plug cover

Electrical plug  cover

This baby proofing item is very common to see in homes with children. It prevents curious kids from playing with electricity and shocking themselves.

You just snap them into the un-used electrical outlet.

For all the shipping details and price for those electrical plug covers, check Amazon here.

Mounting your baby monitor is that simple!

You won’t regret taking those extra steps. First, you’ll take full advantage of your monitor, while avoiding possible accidents. Furthermore, you’ll protect your kid’s from serious injuries.

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To get the best insights and tips to find the best baby monitor, I read more than 300 reviews online and ask my friends or others parents. From all their insights and my own experience, I’ve built this list of the best baby monitors.

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