Wall Protector For Baby Gate

The Wall Nanny is the smallest wall protector for pressure baby gates available on the market. It is perfect for small spaces such as door frames, hallways and staircases that you don’t want to fence off completely. This wall protector is made from durable plastic and comes in an attractive espresso color that blends well with all decors.


Mom must be having items for gates. Baby Gate Wall Protector make more stable and avoid sliding. Wall Damage-Free. No drill, No screws on wall or wood stair. Saver for Wall. Work perfectly for Pressure mounted Baby Gate, Dog Gates and Pet Gates.


The wall cups were the perfect solution for not damaging the freshly painted door jam. – Don Korpi from CA

These was easy to set up with our baby gate that we have and the two sizes make it easy to use the smaller one on a small baseboard and have a good grip without marring or damaging the wall and baseboard – Vinson P Flores from CA

Wall cups work brilliantly and keep the gate very secure, even with our 25lb puppy jumping up on it! Highly recommend Vmaisi wall cups to keep your walls clean and gate safe!! – Roy Michael McCoy from NM

How VMAISI Baby Gate Wall Protectors Help you: 

  • Worked perfectly with our old walk-through pet gate.
  • Works great for protecting our walls.
  • Protects our walls from damage with our dog gates.
  • These work great and fit the baby gate perfectly. I like the fact the pressure is spread over a larger area so it doesn’t dent the wood.
  • Saving my wall from disaster this thing hold snug due to its soft rubber bottom.
  • Very durable. They are a good size.
  • They are nice and compact. Great for a doorway.
  • Work well to protect our walls from the pressure of the gate we installed
  • These worked great on the wall and banister, they gripped and do not leave any marks.
  • Nice way to distribute force and protect walls. My last wall had some denting and peeled paint so now I feel safer.

  • THE ONLY GUARD THAT WORKS SAFELY ON BOTTOM SPINDLES! – Our innovative, patented baby gate wall protector was designed based on YOUR feedback and is the only one in the market that works on bottom spindles!
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE, CAN FIT ALMOST ANYWHERE! – The new designed pad’s compact size allows it to be extremely versatile. It is small enough to fit in almost all gates supported areas for optimal safety results!
  • KEEP YOUR WALLS DAMAGE-FREE! – Your child and pet’s protection are your first priority, but your walls need to be protected as well! That’s why our Wall Nanny’s soft rubber backing prevents any scuff, scratch or ding to your wall/trim!
  • EASY TO INSTALL! – You can forget about tools for installation; our wall protectors were designed with your best interest in mind, hence they can be installed easily, without any tools or accessories!

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