Wallpaper For Baby Room

Nursery wallpaper is an important decision. Although your new baby can’t talk, their mind is developing faster than you realize. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make an effort to design the best nursery for your baby. 

Best Wallpaper For Baby Room

When deciding which car seat is best or choosing a theme for your nursery, have fun. Although designing a nursery has a few challenges, don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with professional assistance.  

Nursery room decorating might be overwhelming, considering the available options, patterns, and colors. Nobody has time to go through every option just to make sure they find the right design and don’t miss anything.

Before you begin looking at wallpaper, set a budget and see if you can find any special offers online. As an alternative design option, you might want to paint a few wall murals in your nursery. Considering the wallpaper options there are out there, it all comes down to your budget. 

20 Modern Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Here are some of the best nursery wallpaper ideas for your little one. 

Outer Space Theme

Travel nursery wallpaper

Some think that neutral is best for a nursery so your new baby won’t be overstimulated. Choose a different wall for your decor items, and one wall for removable wallpaper. 

This soft moon wallpaper offers something extra while you stay within a neutral color palette.

Scandinavian Nursery Wallpapers

Travel nursery wallpaper

Scandinavian interior design is a good choice for a nursery. The white interior makes the room feel bigger. With this design, your baby will feel like they’re living inside of a cloud. You’ll discover that even a single wall of wallpaper fulfills the desire for pattern, giving you the option for plain bedding, rugs, and other accents.

Removable wallpaper isn’t toxic, like traditional wallpaper. To install it, all you have to do is simply peel the wallpaper off its adhesive surface and stick it on the walls. And when your baby becomes a big kid, you can change the wallpaper design without much effort. 

Removable Wallpaper Patterns

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If you want to add intrigue and stye, choose geometric patterned wallpaper. The intricate patterns will stimulate your baby’s mind. Who knows, maybe he, she, or they, would grow up to be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, thanks to the wallpaper that you chose for their nursery?

Don’t be afraid to ditch the two-tone for something multi colored. This geometric pattern is fun for a boy’s nursery and promises to grow with your little one. Since blue and brown are neutral shades, you’ll have problems redesigning their room as their tastes change.

Blue Galaxy Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Here’s something you could put on one wall that might inspire your child to become the next Carl Sagan. While we’re talking about glamour, the easiest way to add it to a living space is to include gold accents. Then again, for some parents, gold might be too tacky for their baby’s nursery.

Shoot for a stars theme to open the avenues of dramatic navy blues and glittering gold stars that will encourage your child to dream bigger.

Floral Nursery Peel Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Floral wallpaper patterns resemble wall murals, so that’s an added design to consider. You can create a feminine or gender neutral space. It’s hard to say what your little one identifies as because, and as you would know better than anybody, you baby doesn’t know how to talk.

It seems the best anyone could do is to let the river flow, as they say. Meanwhile, you could  strengthen your DIY interior design skills. Regardless, you want wallpaper that will make your child’s room look like they’re living in a Dutch Golden Age painting. Such an environment could provide a foundation for the next Johannes Vermeer. 

Abstract Floral Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Bold dark florals aren’t the only options for putting big blooms on your nursery wall. You can also find them in light shades of pink and green, keeping your nursery sweet and fresh. Which one you choose probably depends on the lighting of the space because you don’t want your nursery feeling like a closet.

Swan Atmosphere Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Pink is an obvious choice when it comes to decorating a nursery for a little princess. But there is a difference between baby pink and blush pink.

Blush leans toward beige which makes it a better color for growing into. Cover your nursery in pink forest wallpaper to give the space a feeling of a cotton candy forest.

Pink Flamingo Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Who doesn’t like pink flamingos? One can’t help but think of the classic John Waters film of the same name. However, for a baby’s room, the theme offers a different connotation.

This wallpaper is fun for a little girl’s space. It boasts light bright colors that you can cover the walls with without making the nursery feel dreary. 

Birds-Eye-View Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

How do you choose removable wallpaper when you don’t know your baby’s gender? Since you probably don’t want a bright yellow wall, go blue. When your pattern is something like the birds above, it won’t matter. This nursery is the ideal fit for any healthy baby. 

Tree Trunk Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Some parents prefer to have their baby’s nursery match the rest of their home. But when you have a rustic industrial space, you don’t want to fill your nursery with wrought iron decor. Instead, give your wall a makeover with a wood wallpaper.

This fun pattern will give your baby something fun to look at while he or she is young and inspire them to love nature when they grow older.

Whitewashed Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

So you love shiplap but you don’t want to spend the money or the time to install it in your nursery. We understand. Instead, install a wallpaper that looks like a vintage shiplap wall. Not only will it give you that longed-for pattern, but it will also add that weathered texture you can’t get from brand new boards.

Half-Wall Removable Wallpaper

Travel nursery wallpaper

Removable wallpaper isn’t cheap like traditional wallpaper. If you’re working with a tight budget, then only cover half of a wall. Put a chair rail in your nursery and only install your wallpaper on the top half. It will cut back on what you need to buy while basically solving all your artwork problems.

Nursery Wallpapers For Twins

Travel nursery wallpaper

How are you going to decorate for two babies? The answer lies in the wallpaper. Choosing something like jungle leaves would be a fun theme. to follow while keeping the nursery from leaning too far towards a boy space or a girl space.

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