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Newborn Baby Earrings are made of 14K white gold. Made of 14K white gold, 4mm Clear Heart Cubic Zirconia Screw Back Earrings for Baby Girls with 925 Sterling silver clear CZ safety back Solitaire heart. Great gift for newborn.

14k White Gold 4mm Clear Heart Cubic Zirconia Screw Back Earrings for Baby Girls. These Earrings are sold as one pair of earrings. 14K white gold. Hanging length: 4mm. 100% brand new, high quality and durable. Stamped with markings for authenticity.

The baby earrings are available in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Why not browse through our collection of stylish 4mm Clear Heart Cubic Zirconia Screw Back Earrings for Baby Girls before you decide on your final selection?

This adorable baby girl’s earrings are a sweet way to dress her up on special occasions. They’re crafted of 14k white gold, and feature clear heart cubic zirconia. These earrings sparkle beautifully and add a bit of sparkle to any outfit!

These earrings are a perfect addition to any baby girl’s outfit. The earrings are made of 14k white gold and feature a clear heart and cubic zirconia. The earrings are 4mm in size, so they’re just the right size for babies!

All our baby earrings are crafted from the highest quality materials and offer exquisite design in a variety of styles for a touch to dazzle your baby girl.

Where Can I Buy Earrings For Babies

Looking for the perfect earrings for your baby? You obviously want something cute and sweet, but you have to take more into consideration than just aesthetics. The best baby girl earrings (or baby boy earrings) should be small enough for their tiny ears (and something that they can also grow into a bit is ideal), and also safe enough to ensure they don’t become a safety hazard. There are lots of different options out there for toddler earrings and baby earrings—so many that you might find yourself with more than you ever bargained for!

What type of earrings are best for babies?

There are tons of things to consider when shopping for baby earrings including qualities like hypoallergenic material and secure backings. Maressa Tosto Merwarth, a jewelry designer and co-founder of Rockin’ Tots Jewelry, spoke with Scary Mommy to give parents her expert advice when shopping for their LO’s first pair after the initial piercing.

“Once you get past the earrings used for the actual piercing, you want something that is easy to get on, hard for them to get off, looks unique to show off their personality and does not turn their ears puffy and red,” Merwarth says. “Basically the unicorn of earrings.”


There are a few different options of earring backs, but only a few work well for babies. A screw back earring is a safe and popular option for infant earrings as it’s one of the most secure options. Once you twist them to close on the ear, they are secure—they don’t endlessly twist like some adult earrings. The back likely will not fall off, so you don’t need to stress over it as a potential choking hazard.

Safety stud earrings click in for a secure fit that isn’t going to fall off easily and is another great choice. Specifically for children under the age of 5, Merwarth likes Protektor or Guardian Lock backs. “They are easy to put on, stay in place when the inevitable fidgeting happens, and super easy to take off,” she explains.

For infants and young toddlers, avoid butterfly backs, which can more easily fall off or be taken off.


You also have to think about what the earrings are made of. Many parents want hypoallergenic earrings for kids because little ones tend to have super sensitive skin. High-quality materials include sterling silver, gold, or surgical steel, which are often non-toxic and safe. Avoid plastic or cheaper materials that seem questionable. You can also look for nickel-free options in case of a nickel allergy—they will be labeled as such.


Having a child pull on a tiny dangle or hoop can lead to infection or tearing it out altogether. Merwarth usually recommends starting with a stud until your child gets used to the feeling of the earring. (This may take a couple of years for some kiddos, so don’t rush it, mama!)

“Once they are past that initial phase, I think a little dangle or hoop is completely a viable option,” she explains. “Close-fitting hoops (also called huggies) will hold up to all the playing and jumping you can throw at it and it won’t get caught on things. Dangles are good too, but if you have a kid who plays hard, probably not the best option for every day, so save it for special occasions.”

What metal is safe for baby earrings?

Merwarth finds precious metal posts (compared to base metal posts) are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. If you’re aware your LO has a metal sensitivity or allergy, she advises opting for palladium or platinum posts over steel.

“We find the pure metals are the best for those extra sensitive kiddos, avoiding more discomfort all around…nothing is worse than the itching, puffy, redness that comes from a metal sensitivity and trying to pry the earrings out of our little’s ears is a nightmare,” Merwarth adds.

What age is best to pierce a baby’s ears?

Between 2 and 4 months old is the best age to pierce a baby’s ears, as they’ve likely received two tetanus shots. Many physicians recommend waiting until then. The older the child, the more likely they are able to localize pain, to be afraid, and to tug at their ears (which can cause infection).


That said, here’s a look at some of the best earrings for babies available right now.

Best Earrings for Babies

Wssxc Hypoallergenic Cubic Zirconia Studs


Wssxc Hypoallergenic Cubic Zirconia Studs


Made of high-quality AAA+ cubic zirconia, these stud earrings are a classic that can be worn every day. They’re also made of high-quality stainless steel, making them safe enough for little ears. This set comes with five pairs of earrings in varying sizes, so they’ll grow with your child as they age.

Lovearing 925 Screwback Studs


Lovearing 925 Screwback Studs


These small stud earrings are made of sterling silver, with a rhodium plating and a cubic zirconia stone. They feature a secure screw-back that keeps them in place no matter what, and they comply with applicable Children’s Product Safety regulations (that means they’ve been tested and approved for use by little ones).

Hypoallergenic Heart Initial Stud Earrings


Hypoallergenic Heart Initial Stud Earrings


Personalized heart earrings are pretty dang adorable. But these from Turandoss are hypoallergenic too! You’ve got your choice between rose gold, gold, and silver for every letter of the alphabet. They’re also lightweight, comfortable, and nickel and lead-free!

14k White Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings


14k White Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings


These pearl stud earrings are available in white gold as featured, and yellow gold as well. They have screw-back closures that make them perfect for kids and are available at a decent price point. You can even customize the size of the pearl itself. Parents have noted that their kids seem comfortable in the earrings, with one saying “when I put these earrings on her she didn’t even notice! They were small and went through her hole smoothly. She’s had them in for 4 days now and has not touched them AT ALL. She’s even able to sleep comfortably in them.”

Regetta Jewelry Store Birthstone Earrings


Regetta Jewelry Store Birthstone Earrings


Birthstones are a special way to honor a child. Regetta Jewelry Store has an incredible set that’d be perfect for their small ears. They’re made of surgical stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic, and have a safety cap on the back to prevent poking. While they’re good for all ages, they’re recommended most for children over the age of eight. They even come with their own pouch, making them easy to store.

Lovearing 14k Yellow Gold Butterfly Cubic Zirconia Earrings


Lovearing 14k Yellow Gold Butterfly Cubic Zirconia Earrings


Lovearing is a company worth checking out when you’re in the market for children’s jewelry. These butterflies would make a great first pair after your child’s starter earrings, since they’re screw back earrings made from 14k gold. As an added bonus, they’ve also been tested — and successfully pass — regulations set by the commission for Children’s Product Safety. Even though they’re for kids, adults can wear them too if they’re looking for smaller jewelry.

Dtja Double Love Heart Cubic Zirconia Sleeper Earrings


Dtja Double Love Heart Cubic Zirconia Sleeper Earrings


These hypoallergenic, nickel-free earrings are great for kids who want to wear a pair of hoops. Much smaller than the size of a quarter, these shouldn’t cause too many snags in small ears. “My daughter is 2 1/2 and these earrings are so cute on her. I like that they click and lock in place when closed. She’s always losing her earrings so hopefully these last longer than regular earrings,” one Amazon reviewer said.

Suplight 925 Sterling Silver Infinite Birthstone Earrings


Suplight 925 Sterling Silver Infinite Birthstone Earrings


Looking for birthstones at an excellent price? Then, Suplight may have the earrings for you. Available in stones representing January through December, these 6mm AAA+ cubic zirconia birthstone stud earrings have platinum plating. They’re lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. Plus, they look adorable on your kids. It’s a win all around.

Chanteur Crystal Butterfly Earrings


Chanteur Crystal Butterfly Earrings


These super affordable earrings are made of sterling silver with sensitive skin in mind and have a secure screw-back post. The butterflies feature colorful Swarovski crystal elements that make them both playful and delicate.

In Season Jewelry Daisy Earrings


In Season Jewelry Daisy Earrings


If cubic zirconia isn’t what you wanted, try these dainty flower earrings. They were made for the small ears of babies and toddlers, and are made of 14K gold with a secure screw-back post for safety. The colorful little earrings are great for a spirited girl.

Amazon 14KT Gold Princess & Round Diamond Accent Earrings


Amazon 14KT Gold Princess & Round Diamond Accent Earrings


There’s a good chance that fake diamonds aren’t your thing. And, that could be a tricky situation when it comes to toddler jewelry. Luckily, Amazon has you covered. They have a 14k white gold earring with a round cut diamond accent that’ll be impossible to lose when it’s in your ear. Not only does it have a screw back setting, but the four prongs will ensure that these are going nowhere. They might cost more than the rest, but they’re real — and, they’re a keepsake your child can hold onto forever.

Massette Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings


Massette Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings


Keep things more simple with these shiny ball post studs, which can be worn every day with anything, and will never go out of style. They come in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, and they’re nickel-free and safe for sensitive skin. They are small enough to look dainty on tiny ears and the flat-covered screw-back posts make them comfortable.

Disney-Themed Baby Earrings

Lovearing 925 Sterling Silver  Mouse Baby Girls Earrings


Lovearing 925 Sterling Silver  Mouse Baby Girls Earrings


Disney fans will definitely appreciate these classic Disney mouse-shaped earrings. They’re made of sterling silver and have a screw-back post for safety, and the cubic zirconia studs along them give them a little extra sparkle. These are sweet and playful for the little Disney princess in your life.

Disney Minnie Mouse Crystal Birthstone Stud Earrings


Disney Minnie Mouse Crystal Birthstone Stud Earrings


These Minnie Mouse earrings are officially licensed by Disney, and perfect for the little Disney lover in your life. Whether you choose to gift them right before a surprise trip to Disney World is up to you. These aren’t screw backs, but reviewers say they’ve had no issue with the earrings staying on. “These Minnie Mouse ‘Disney’ earrings came in style with a satin Disney pouch [and] box with gold embellishments,” said one customer. “There was no doubt these blue crystal stud earrings were the real deal [and] my six-year-old granddaughter is learning about quality!”

Disney 'Frozen 2' Sisters Elsa and Anna Kids Earrings


Disney ‘Frozen 2’ Sisters Elsa and Anna Kids Earrings


Who doesn’t love Anna and Elsa? If Frozen is a big part of your child’s life, they’ll love these silver-plated licensed earrings. Since they arrive in their own Frozen 2 gift box, you might want to save these as a special birthday or holiday gift. These have a post and nut back, so you might feel better gifting them to a child who’s officially out of the toddler stage. Just know there’s a good chance that your little one won’t want to ever change these out.

Editor’s note: AAP states earrings are safe for all ages, as long as the earrings and area is properly cleaned. However, they do recommend to wait until your child is old enough to take care of the piercings themselves. With that said, as the parent, you get to use your best judgment! Please read up on the risks associated with getting a piercing, and ask your pediatrician if you’re unsure about anything.


Best Earrings for Babies

You’re ready to pierce your baby’s ears, or maybe you already have. Before you swap her earrings out for one of the many adorable styles there are to choose from, you need to find the best earrings for babies. As a parent, for the health of your baby, you want to ensure that your baby’s piercing is done safely and properly cared for afterwards to keep any discomfort at bay. This starts with understanding and finding the right type of baby earrings to suit your little one.

In your search, remember that there’s a little more to it than just cute shapes and colors when looking for baby earrings. You also want to focus on kid-friendly features and the type of materials used.

So, if you’re ready to adorn your baby’s ears in style, here’s a quick look at what to search for when choosing your baby’s earrings, and why we recommend genuine gold or silver earrings for your baby.


The best earrings for babies are designed exclusively for a baby’s ear. First, you’ll see that they are noticeably smaller than earrings for an adult. They generally have shorter posts because of the size of your baby’s ear, are lightweight so they don’t weigh little ears down, and have backings designed with extra measures to keep them in place for a more secure fit.

The differences help to prevent babies from having discomfort because the earring is too heavy, or the post scratches them, or they pull it apart and it gets lost.  Direct supervision is always a good recommendation with any type of jewelry for children under 3 years of age, the small parts can create a choking hazard.

So, as you can see it’s important to ensure you get earrings that are designed just for babies. Here’s what to look for.


There are three things you should focus on when buying your baby’s earrings, whether it’s your baby’s first earring or not:

  1. Material – hypoallergenic is best
  2. Size – petite and lightweight
  3. Design – screw back preferable

Let’s delve in further to understand the importance of these key factors.


We highly recommend earrings made using precious metals with a higher gold content, specifically 18k or 14k gold earrings for a baby or rhodium-plated high-quality sterling silver earrings. Your baby’s ears are sensitive, and only premium quality earrings should be used.

Precious metals are best for baby earrings


Understanding the metals used in jewelry making is important when it comes to choosing earrings for babies. And here in California where we are based, there are regulations governing jewelry making for babies. It covers the types of metals and other components allowed in earrings made for babies.

In California, the CA Department of Toxic Substances Control ( DTSC) summarizes the lead, cadmium, and other requirements for baby earrings contained in the CA Metal-Containing Jewelry law. It specifies the types of materials allowed for jewelry making and restrictions for lead and makes special provisions for children’s jewelry. For example, lead, nickel, and cadmium are toxic at certain levels and will likely cause an allergic reaction in your baby’s skin.

The post and base of the earring sit directly on your baby’s skin. So, these parts of the earring must be made from hypoallergenic metals to avoid an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, many inexpensive earrings may contain higher levels of nickel and even possibly lead or cadmium in the post and base. These materials, specifically high amounts of nickel, will likely irritate a baby’s – and even some adult’s – skin, causing the skin to become red and inflamed with a painful and annoying itch. This is called contact dermatitis, where they have an allergic reaction to the materials.

So, it’s a good idea to be sure that the type of jewelry you get does not contain these substances or at very minimal amounts at the very least. Wherever you plan to buy your baby’s jewelry from, make sure to check that they are adhering to at least the minimum standards for your baby’s health. Precious metals with a karat gold content of 14k or higher and sterling silver are a safe choice to avoid these issues.

Apart from the use of toxic substances, certain types and grades of metals are better suited for a baby.


The best types of metals for baby earrings are the ones that don’t irritate the skin. These can include gold, sterling silver, or surgical stainless steel.

Gold Earrings: Gold earrings should be of high quality. The higher the karat content, the less likely there will be other components that will cause irritation or an allergic reaction. 14K earrings for babies is an excellent option. It has usually has enough karat gold to avoid reactions mixed with the benefits of other metals for durability. For very sensitive skin you may want to consider 18k gold.

Sterling Silver: Silver is another precious metal considered to be hypoallergenic and makes a good choice for baby earrings. As with gold, silver alone is a soft metal. Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver – look for the 925 hallmark stamp – and typically will not cause skin irritation for most people. Yet, silver is prone to tarnish and will require a little maintenance to keep it looking nice. For our children’s silver earrings, we use sterling silver coated with a rhodium layer to prevent tarnishing – giving the earrings lasting shine.

Stainless Steel:  A durable and hygienic material often used for ear piercing jewelry. Stainless steel can be a  hypoallergenic metal and a lower cost option you may consider for your baby. However, this metal can be made up of several different metal alloy combinations so just make sure it doesn’t contain a high amount of nickel as it is not uncommon in some stainless-steel jewelry.

Titanium: A very strong metal often used in piercing jewelry as well as medical implants. Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal that does not contain nickel making it a good choice for those with ultra-sensitive skin. This metal is less expensive than precious metals such as gold but the design choices are a bit limited.


What size earring should you buy for a baby?

They should be lightweight and not too heavy for your baby’s ear. Earrings for babies are also much smaller as you may have noticed. Typically, earrings with sizes ranging anywhere between 3mm-4mm makes for a better fit for babies and toddlers. Another important thing to look are the size of the posts as well! This is often overlooked, earrings designed for babies and children should have shorter posts then those designed for adults. Shorter posts combined with covered earring backs are much more comfortable for little ones.




Butterfly backs, also known as friction backs or push backs, are popular because of the ease with which you can slide the back onto the earring’s post. They’re easily recognizable because the backing loops back onto itself like a butterfly. If you are looking for ease and convenience this style may be considered, yet they are not as secure as a screw back style earring. So, what exactly is a screw back earring and what should you look for? 


Screw Back Earrings for Babies/Kids

Screw back earrings are made so that the earring back twists onto the post which has a threaded design. This allows you to screw the earring back into place where it stays firm and secure making it very difficult for babies or toddlers to remove. A great design for little ones, right? Absolutely! But not all screw back designs are created equal. For example, some screw back earrings do not have a covered back which leaves the earring post exposed. This type of screw back earring may poke your baby behind her ear. The more preferred screw back style for baby earrings is designed with a covered earring back so it protects the earring post from causing any discomfort or irritation behind your baby’s ear. Our screw back earrings are all designed with covered screw backs and is not at all uncomfortable.

Screw-back earrings are the most popular types for babies for a reason, and especially covered screw back earrings. Let’s recap some of the pros of screw back earrings.

  • Difficult to remove: This is a very good thing for babies and toddlers who may play with their earrings. You want to make it difficult for them to remove it on their own.
  • Hard to lose: You know how often you lose a butterfly or push-on earring back and how annoying it is trying to find another one. With a screw back, your baby won’t accidentally lose a back very easily while it’s in. Although they should still be checked regularly to be sure they secure.
  • Added safety: Covered screw back earrings are one of the safer choices for baby jewelry. When screwed on properly, it’s difficult to remove decreasing the chance of it becoming a choking hazard.

However, all things in life do come with both pros and cons — and screw back earrings are no exception after all. Keep in mind it is still possible to lose earring backs even with a screw back design. They still need to be checked regularly to ensure they are on securely. Also, if the earring backs are over-tightened or pulled off the post, it can strip the threads and the backs will no longer work. So as with all things, bear in mind screw back earrings still require some diligence and care on your part.


Girls Huggie Hoop Earrings 14k Rose Gold

Photo:  Rose Gold Huggies

Studs versus hoops is a style preference. Hoops are classic and make a beautiful accessory for your little girl. If deciding on hoop earrings, as with other earrings, just remember to check the closure regularly to ensure they are on securely.

Studs are often preferred for babies because of the endless amount of cute designs available and they do offer a bit more security. If your preference is a hoop style earring, make sure it sits very close to the ear lobe. They should be similar to our huggie hoops earrings, which are designed to hug tiny earlobes to avoid getting snagged on anything. Remember comfort is key!

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