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LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float Inflatable Baby Pool Float Ring Newest with Sun Protection Canopy,add Tail no flip Over for Age of 3-36 Months . It is easy to inflate and deflate. The baby float is perfect for kids under 36 months old. The sea water lounge is ideal for sunbathing and playing in the shallow water.

Baby Swimming Float Inflatable Baby Pool Float Ring Newest with Sun Protection Canopy. We insist that this baby float is made of safe materials,non-toxic. The rings are made from two layers of puncture-proof material,and the fabric is PVC coated making it perfect for the water

Laycol Baby Swimming Float Inflatable Baby Pool Float Ring is a perfect protection for your baby. It can keep your baby and you safe from water, sunburns and insects in the swimming pools. The toy float ring has a canopy for protecting baby’s skin from sunburns and harmful UV rays. With its soft and waterproof material, this toy float ring makes you worry less about safety when your child plays in water.

This sun protection infant float is perfect for summer fun and in the pool. It features a charming animal print design with built-in ring! This baby float includes a sun canopy to help protect little ones from harmful UV rays, with an added tail and no flip-over design to avoid mold or mildew, perfect for babies of any age (3 months to 36 months)

It’s made of thick cloth, durable and soft to touch. The baby float can keep your child dry and comfortable, give your child a safe feeling. It prevents baby from flipping over, allowing babies to enjoy swimming in the water without any worries. This float is specially designed for newborns to swim in the pool or sea safely.

Baby Swim Float 12 18 Months

Infants and swimming might not seem like an obvious match, given the risks of drowning and sun exposure. But if you use a well-rated baby pool float—especially one with a UV-blocking canopy and added safety features—along with proper supervision, your little one can splish and splash with the rest of the family.

Here, we break down important considerations for buying a baby pool float and recommend five smart options for babies today. Save this guide for your next summer pool party!

Baby Pool Float Considerations

Given the wide range of baby pool floats on the market today, you might be tempted to choose one based on cuteness—we get it’s hard to resist an inflatable float shaped like an exotic animal! But in reality, parents should carefully consider four important factors: type of pool float, safety features, sun protection, and convenience.

 Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

Type of Float

You might’ve seen the pool floats that circle a baby’s neck, letting their arms and legs tread water. These products might promote motor development by increasing the range of motion, but many experts recommend avoiding them because of drowning and suffocation risks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned against using these neck floats after one baby died and another needed hospitalization after unsupervised use.

Young babies also shouldn’t wear swimming vests, which should be reserved for older toddlers. Instead, set your sights on inflatable floats that secure around your baby’s chest or waist, keeping their head, neck, and shoulders free and up above the surface of the water.

Safety Features

Baby pool floats aren’t foolproof. Your little one could still drown if the float capsizes or sinks or they slip out of the float. And they could suffocate by getting caught in the material. Choose a pool float with added safety features, such as high-quality material that fights against leaks, inner springs for stability, seat straps, and child safety valves. Double check weight and age limits before using a float. Also, check that it fits your baby’s body, and always supervise your baby in the water!

An image of a baby in a pool.

Sun Protection

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says babies under 6 months should be kept out of direct sunlight. It’s also smart to limit sun exposure in older babies, whose delicate skin is prone to burning. Considering these facts, pool floats with UV-blocking shade canopies should jump to the top of your list.

For extra sun protection, dress your little one in lightweight full-coverage clothing and wide-brimmed hats). Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 for any exposed skin.

 Baby Sunscreen Guide: Sun Protection Safety Tips


While safety features are the top priority, parents shouldn’t sacrifice functionality. Look for baby pool floats that inflate/deflate easily, either by mouth, a hand air pump, or an electric air pump. They should also fold easily for convenient transportation and storage.

Finally, it’s important to emphasize that parental supervision is non-negotiable whenever your baby is in or near water. Drowning often happens quickly and silently. So, even if they’re using a baby pool float, you should never let them out of your sight!

The Best Baby Pool Floats

Ready to introduce your baby to the water? Consider these five pool floats, which help protect infants from sun exposure and drowning. When used along with close supervision, they’re perfect for your baby’s next pool party.

1. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center


This pool float gives parents peace of mind, thanks to features like child safety valves, a patented inner spring for stability, and dual inflation air chambers. It also has a rotating interactive octopus with a few playful toys—stackable rings, a fish teether, a soft touch star, and a squeaking fish. A detachable canopy provides UPF 50+ sun protection, while mesh siding lets you watch your baby closely. As a bonus, the pool float is easily portable with a convenient carrying case.

2. LAYCOL Baby Pool Float with Removable Canopy

LAYCOL Baby Pool Float with Removable Canopy


Marketed for kids ages 3-36 months, this baby pool float is made with non-toxic and leak-proof PVC material. A raised front and widened sides help keep the baby afloat—and so does the dual-layered air chamber, shoulder straps, and secure fit. Buckle your baby two ways for different swim methods (breaststroke and backstroke). The removable canopy also provides UPF 50+ sun protection, even with the see-through mesh sides.

3. SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float

SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float


Introduce your baby to the water with this fabric-covered pool float. Built-in handles let parents supervise their child as they kick, splash, and play in the pool. Your baby should stay safe in the fabric seat, thanks to a three-point adjustable harness, child safety valves, a patented inner spring for stability, and dual inflation chambers. Attach the canopy for UPF 50+ sun protection, and fold the float for transportation and storage.

4. iefoah Flamingo Float

iefoah Flamingo Float


There’s no doubt about it: This inflatable flamingo pool float is absolutely adorable! It’s made from non-toxic PVC material and boasts added safety features, like dual air chambers and a leak-proof air valve. Choose between full-cover or half-cover sun protection with the adjustable sunshade, which you can also remove for nighttime dips in the pool.

5. Intex Kiddie Float

Intex Kiddie Float


While sitting in this float, your baby will be protected by an inflatable sunshade and safety features, like two air chambers. Smooth leg holes increase the comfort, while an activity bar with three balls (and one rattle) will keep them entertained. This product is ideal for babies ages 1-2 years old.

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