Waterproof Pads For Baby

CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pad Washable 34″ x 52″(Pack of 1), Incontinence Bed Pad with 8 Cups Absorbency, for Adult, Children and Pets, is designed for incontinence of adults, children.

Cool Shields Waterproof Bed Pad is a washable incontinence mat, great for pets, kids, or adults with urinary or fecal incontinence. Because of its design and size, the CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pad allows ample room for those who may experience bed sores from the constant pressure from a solid bed pad on their skin.

Comfort for your loved ones. A great deal of time and care is spent caring for those in need of incontinence care products. With kids, we want to make sure their bed time is a comfortable experience as possible. CoolShields is designed with four layers of protection that absorbs fluid and protects mattress from stains created by urine and liquids.

Protect your bed and keep dry with the CoolShield waterproof bed pad. This soft mat is able to absorb up to 8 cups of fluid, so it can keep you comfortable as you sleep. It’s large enough to fit most mattresses and easy to clean with a cold machine wash or wipe down after use.

The CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pads are perfect for changing the bed in short time. These bed pads have 4 layers of absorbent materials sewn together with tabs that make it easy to remove the pad from under you or your loved one. The non-woven top layer wicks moisture away from the skin, while the waterproof bottom layer prevents leaking over the entire pad surface.

Waterproof Pads for Baby Crib

CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pads / Incontinence Pads are washable, hypoallergenic and super soft. They provide a clean, dry and comfortable sleeping surface for any individual who suffers from bladder control problems or incontinence issues. These bed pads work excellent for people with uterine prolapse, wanting to protect their bedding, who need extra protection for their beds. CoolShields Waterproof Can be used for adults, children and pets alike with the ultra-absorbent 8 Cup design that allows it to hold up to 3 times more than other leading brands!

Why do you need a waterproof pad? It’s simple: to protect yourself and others from the mess and odor of incontinence. If you have a bed-bound loved one, then you know how frustrating it can be when they have an accident in their bed. The wet spot not only creates a mess but also smells horrible; which is why we created our CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pads for Adults as an essential for anyone using adult diapers or incontinence pads. When accidents happen, your Cool Shield will stop them in their tracks and help keep your linens clean from 9 cups worth of absorbency material so that nothing ruins your sleep – or your day!

These waterproof pads for baby are great for children and pets. The washable incontinence pads are 34″ x 52″ in size, have 8 cups of absorbency, fit all beds, leg restraints and wheelchair incontinence pads. These premium quality waterproof disposable pads come with 12 packs per case.

CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pads can be a great help in many situations. It is an essential product for individuals who have limited mobility, are recovering from surgery, or have a weakening bladder control.

Make your nights a little more peaceful with this waterproof mattress cover. A waterproof barrier layer along the bottom of the pad helps prevent liquid from reaching your mattress. The vinyl barrier also protects against bed bug infestations while an absorbent core makes sure you don’t have to worry about leaks!

Are you looking for a diaper for adults or kids? If so, the CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pad Washable is the best choice. It is leak proof, waterproof and washable making it perfect for protecting your mattress from bedwetting and even accidents from sick children and pets. The pad has 8 cups of absorbency which means that it can absorb 16 ounces of liquid before it needs to be changed.

The CoolShields Waterproof Bed Pad is great for protecting your mattress from urine, feces and other spills. Featuring 8 cups of liquid absorbency, it can hold a lot of liquid and be easily washed with soap and water when used. This bed pad can help to protect you from wetness and the smell of leaky diapers throughout the day by absorbing fluids quickly and conveniently.

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