Ways To Tell Husband You’re Pregnant With Number 2

Did you know that first-time mothers of twins are more likely to have a second pregnancy? If so, here are some ways you can tell your husband that you’re pregnant with number two. Here are some ways to tell your husband that you’re pregnant with number 2.

1. Tell him before you go to the doctor and get an ultrasound.

2. Buy him a book on how to be a father or some other kind of book that will help him understand what’s going on with his pregnant wife and unborn child.

3. Cook his favorite meal, then tell him after dinner.

4. Rip open your shirt right before he comes home from work and let him see your bare belly with no baby bump whatsoever then say “Surprise!”.

5. Write it in a card for him or even better

Claiming to be pregnant with your second child is a great way to get your husband’s attention. Tell him that you’ve been thinking about the future and think it would be really great to have another baby. Don’t give him unnecessary details, just mention that you’ve been getting pregnant sensations. If your husband responds positively, then there is a good chance he will want to surprise you with a pregnancy test. I always feel like I’m going to burst. It’s like being pregnant all over again!

There are many ways to approach your husband or partner with this important news. No matter what you decide, it’s important to do so in private and on your own terms, as well-meaning friends and family members may want to share their opinions on the matter. It’s also a good idea to keep some tissues on hand…just in case.

1. Show him your belly.

2. Read some baby books.

3. Tell him about how much you love their first child, and how much you’re looking forward to having another one who can grow up with them together.

4. Also tell him he has been ignoring you lately, but that’s okay because now that you’re pregnant again, he will do it even more.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You’re Pregnant With Number 2

How to tell your husband you’re pregnant with number two: There are two sides to every relationship and this is where I will try to talk to the men out there as if talking directly to them. When it comes to pregnancy, there’s no way around the fact that you have to break the news to your husband. Well, maybe there is one way: creative ways to tell him you’re pregnant with a toddler in the house!

The first time around, it was easy to tell your husband you were pregnant. You went to the store, bought a pregnancy test, came home and used it. This time around is going to be different. Don’t be scared. Telling him you’re pregnant again is going to be a million times easier than the first time if you follow these simple steps: If you and your husband want to hear the news together, then tell him when you are on a date night. He will be relaxed and happy with nothing else to do but listen to you. He won’t feel pressured, and he’ll probably cry in front of other people which is a good thing.

I think I’m pregnant. I haven’t gotten my period since February, and I ate some ice cream last night and threw up in the sink. Am I crazy? No, it’s pretty clear that you’re pregnant again, or have left your period at home like so many women do when they know that the news will upset their husbands. It was only a matter of time before you got around to telling him so there’s no need to keep this pregnancy secret any longer!

Tell your husband you’re pregnant with number 2 in a creative way. When you’re trying to tell your husband that you’re pregnant with baby number 2, words are often not enough to express the excitement. You need something more dramatic, like an over-the-top celebration. Here are creative ways to tell your husband that you’re expecting again.

So there you have it. Some creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant with number 2 (or 3, or 4). And while I’m sure you’ll dream up a method that’s just perfect for your guy, here’s one more thought: The opportunity to make two or three or five people happy is yours–and his. And isn’t it nice when a couple can celebrate an even bigger blessing together?

I got creative and found a way to tell my husband the most important news. I think it’s important to be honest, but I also think it’s important to not be mean. So if you start off the conversation by sharing that you’re pregnant, then fine, but if he asks “why?” then you can say something like.

Ways To Tell Family You’re Pregnant With Number 2

The way to tell family you’re pregnant with number 2 is to have a busy schedule. Because your life just got even more hectic, and you need to be on the go, running off to parties and events, working late nights and sleeping in at least every other day. If you’ve been having babies for a while, that means you’re very experienced in having babies! And because you already know what it’s like to be pregnant with one baby, you’ll likely be excited to give birth to another one. Sharing the news can be easy, or it can make for some interesting conversations or awkward times around the dinner table. Either way, these tips help you approach telling your family in a way that keeps everyone on the same page – even if the conversations are a bit unusual at first.

1. Channel Your Inner Britney

SaveBig sister announcement letter boardPublished byMiranda Ibarra

Few of us can read “Oops, they did it again” without doing so to the tune of the Britney Spears’ song. Nevertheless, this is a super cute second baby announcement that’s easy to replicate.

2. Baking Sheet Craft

SaveSecond Pregnancy Blog | Pregnancy Blog | Baby #2 BlogSweet MilesSecond Pregnancy Blog | Pregnancy Blog | Baby #2 Blog

You don’t need a letter board or a chalkboard to spell out your second child announcement. This family has used a baking sheet and some multi-colored magnetic letters to create their adorable surprise announcement.

3. Coming Soon

Have fun with a movie poster announcing your news. There’s lots of scope for wordplay here, and you get to involve the entire family. Score!

4. Tee-Shirt And Sign Combo

Save2nd Pregnancy Announcement Pregnancy Chalkboard Sign Baby | EtsyEtsy2nd Pregnancy Announcement, Pregnancy Chalkboard Sign, Baby Reveal, Baby Announcement, Pregnancy Reveal, Sibling Announcement, 2nd Baby by PrintsInspiredByMyah on Etsy

Dress child number one in a big brother or big sister t-shirt and add a sign that acknowledges how cute your firstborn is.

5. Telling Mom

Product Image of the Promoted To Grandma 2021 Coffee Mug - Promoted To Grandma Again 2021 Coffee Mug...

Make your mom a cup of coffee in this adorable “Promoted To Grandma Again” mug. Just be sure she’s not the kind of mother to throw her hands up in excitement. You don’t want any elation-induced scalds to deal with.

6. I Saw The Sign

SaveSecond Child Pregnancy Announcement Pink or Blue Printable | Etsy Australiaetsy.comSecond Child Pregnancy Announcement Pink or Blue Printable | Etsy

If you’re not the kind of mom who can create a clever chalkboard sign, don’t despair. You can buy signs like these online or find a similar digital file for purchase and then download it and print a copy at home.

7. 24 Inches?

Save30 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy – Happy Home FairyHappy Home FairyClick Image for Idea

Add another pair of shoes to your existing family member’s footwear. Then drive the point home with a line to say you’re expanding your family by two feet.

8. Years Of Birth

SaveEleanor “Ellie” Pearl Lykenoplacelykehome.comNo Place Lyke Home: Eleanor “Ellie” Pearl Lyke

A photo collage of all three of you holding a chalkboard on which you’ve written your year of birth can be finished off with a fourth board on which you write the baby’s year of birth.

9. Adorable Photo Strip

Save!!!!!iamsarahssmile.blogspot.comI Am Sarah’s Smile: !!!!!

Share a strip of photos featuring your little one. Add labels explaining each face and put “I’m going to be a big sister face” on the last image.

10. Saving Your Seat

SaveI CRIED while listening to Ke$ha this morning…lifeasathrifter.blogspot.comLife as a Thrifter: I CRIED while listening to Ke$ha this morning…

Two chairs, one for your child and one for your new baby, makes for a simple yet effective second pregnancy announcement.

11. Tea For Two

SavePortfolioHomesecond baby announcement idea!! Pregnancy announcement!

In a similar vein, a tea party with a sign saying “Tea for two” serves as an adorable announcement.

12. My Lovely Assistant

SaveThis item is unavailable | EtsyEtsySibling Pregnancy Announcement shirt The Office Pregnancy | Etsy

Fans of The Office will appreciate this one. Dressing your child in a t-shirt saying “Assistant To The Regional Manager” and hanging up a onesie that says “Assistant To The Assistant To The Regional Manager” tells the world your news.

13. Snack Size

Your child could wear one of these french fry t-shirts and hold a tater tot t-shirt ready for their little sibling.

14. Dad’s News

Product Image of the Amdesco Men's Dad 2, Squared, Father of Two, Father's Day T-Shirt, Moss Green...

Have Dad wear one of these Dad squared shirts to a family gathering. See who gets it first.

15. A Christmas Story

Product Image of the Personalized Christmas Ornaments Baby's First-We're Expecting W/1 Child /...

Either adorn your tree with these cute ornaments or send one to each of your relatives.

16. Player

Product Image of the Player 2 Player 3 Loading - Retro Gaming - Baby Announcement T-Shirt

Let your little one tell the world that an additional player is on the way.

17. Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down

Product Image of the I Can't Keep Calm I'm Going To Be A Daddy Again Mug - Pregnancy Reveal...

Dad can use this mug to tell everyone he’s going to be a dad again.

18. Share The Word

SaveKalinasCreations | EtsyPublished byKalina’s Studio

A family photo and a Bible verse can make a memorable second baby announcement.

19. Include Everyone


If you have lost a baby, you may want to include them in your pregnancy announcement.

20. Squeeze It All In


Sibling, check. Announcement tee-shirt, check, Reference to baking a bun in the oven, check. Golden balloon, check.

If you can’t decide how to announce your second pregnancy, use all the ideas.

21. Do It Simply


A lovely family photo and an ultrasound picture do the job in a simple, yet memorable way.

22. Beach Day


A fun day out, balloons, Mom and Dad smiling, an ultrasound image, and a sibling with a super cute grin are the ingredients for a beautiful second pregnancy announcement.

23. Second Pregnancy – Third Baby

SavePregnancy Announcement Ideas We LoveParentsOriginal Pinner commented, “When I was pregnant with my son Liam, my husband and I had a T-shirt made for our Pomeranian, Ginger, that said “I’m going to be a big sister.” She wore it to Mother’s Day brunch to tell our moms that they were going to be grandmas. When we were announcing our current pregnancy, we had a T-shirt made for our son that said “Big Brother in Training” on the front and “February ’08” on the back.

Photoshoots can sometimes look stiff, but this photo, taken between poses, is a smile-inducing announcement. It’s a great pick for families who want to include the fur baby.

24. Stroll With The Stroller

Save55 Innovative and Creative Pregnancy Announcement IdeasYouandKids55 Innovative and Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The use of an antique toy stroller gives this announcement a unique flavor.

25. Sweet News

Who doesn’t love good news delivered via the medium of cookies?

If you’re pregnant with your second child, don’t make your loved ones guess! Make a statement by wearing this adorable shirt. There’s never a bad time to share the good news with your family. But it could be even better to tell them before the bump gets too big to hide!

The moment you say “I’m pregnant” with your first child is one of the most exciting times of your life. But then come all the questions, comments and advice. Some people are great at keeping it to themselves or only mentioning it when they see you in person, but some can’t help themselves and overdo it online as well. Bring the whole family together with a new baby on the way. A surprise baby announcement decal kit that will match your child’s room, nursery, or even your car!

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