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The 5 Best Free Websites to Get Baby Names for Your Newborn

  • is home to one of the most reliable baby naming resources out there. …
  • Nameberry is another renowned destination for finding popular and unique baby names for your newborn. …
  • …
  • …
  • Baby Name Generators.

The 5 Best Free Websites to Get Baby Names for Your Newborn. … The site is updated frequently and gives you a wide range of options to consider when it comes to baby names.

Baby Name Generators are a great way to find out what the most popular names for your newborn may be. Once you have chosen the name of your choice, you can go to or and enter the name of your baby into their search box to receive all of the relevant information on that particular name. …

Baby Name Generators. One of the best resources for finding a baby name is to consult a baby name generator. These websites randomly generate new names based on your criteria and preferences. Most will allow you to save lists so that you can easily browse through them when it comes time to find the perfect name for your newborn.

Choosing a name for your child can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to finding baby names that are trending now. And while most of us have our own ideas in mind when we start looking for baby names, sometimes it’s good to look at some other popular options out there and maybe even get some ideas.

Most parents want their child to have a name that is unique and sounds beautiful. Finding the perfect name for your new baby can be a tricky task, especially because there are so many factors to consider. The most important thing is to consider what your child will think about their name years from now.

Baby Name Generator

The 5 Best Free Websites to Get Baby Names for Your Newborn



Having a baby is exciting, but naming it can be difficult. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of online resources to help.

Naming your child in the 21st century is easier than ever. Thanks to baby naming websites, you can find thousands of befitting baby names for your little ones at the click of a button.

Whether you’re looking for a tribal, traditional, modern, or trending baby name, there’s no shortage of what you can find online. Here are six popular websites where you can get baby names for free.

1. is home to one of the most reliable baby naming resources out there. It features the most popular baby names in the US collated each year since 1880; these names are obtained from social security card applications.

Here’s how to search for a baby name on

  1. Go to, and you can already see the top ten male and female baby names of the previous year.
  2. To expand your options, simply scroll to the Popular Names by Birth Year category under the Items of Interest section, set the birth year, and click on the Popularity dropdown baby name search
  3. Choose between Top 20 and Top 1000.
  4. Select what your name rankings should include, such as the percentage of total births or number of births. Then, click Go.
  5. You can also search for the popularity of a particular name over time under the Popularity of a Name section. also allows you to check for the popularity of names by the change in popularity, top five names, decade, state, and US territories.


Nameberry is another renowned destination for finding popular and unique baby names for your newborn. You can find baby boy names and baby girl names, as well as baby name lists, among others.

Nameberry has over 70,000 baby names in its database and also features a baby name generator that allows you to generate a unique name for your baby. Here’s how to get baby names on Nameberry.

  1. Head over to Nameberry.
  2. Go to the 100+ Newest Names on Nameberry section and click on These Names are Hot Off the Press. Here you can read more about the 100+ newest names of the current year.
  3. You can also find a baby name by going to the Find your type section and clicking on Start Baby Name DNA to find your baby name DNA and your unique name style match.Nameberry Baby Name DNA testYou’ll need to click through 33 different pairs of names to help the algorithm understand your style.
  4. Alternatively, you can simply scroll down to the Popular Baby Names section, where you can find popular boy and girl names for the current year, among others.

You can also find unique baby names, baby names from A to Z, as well as baby names by origin and baby names by their meaning. We’ve also compiled funny names for your router and Wi-Fi network.


You can find all kinds of baby names on The site also has different helpful resources for getting pregnant and more.

Using BabyCenter’s baby naming resource, you can get baby naming ideas, advice, and meanings. You can also search for baby names by popularity. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Go to (
  2. Click on top 100 baby namesBaby Names Finderinspiration listsmost popular, or names by letter to start getting baby names. You can also click the navigational links in the “In this Section.”
  3. Alternatively, scroll down to the Baby Names Finder section, and select your baby’s gender.BabyCenter Baby Names Finder tool
  4. Select your Popularity settings and click on the Meaningorigin, and theme dropdown menu. Fill in all the relevant entries and click on Search Baby Names.

You can also browse baby names by theme and by origin. You can equally join their community groups where they discuss baby names, partake in the name polls to select the most popular names, or even create your own poll. If you’re big on social media, you can also create a poll on TikTok—even without this tool.


Not only is synonymous with baby names, but it has been an authority in providing helpful baby name information since 1996. On BabyNames, you can search for baby names by alphabet.

You can also view the baby name of the day and its meaning, as well as research name meanings, history, origin, etymology, and fun facts. BabyNames also allows you to search for baby names by state, around the world, as well as fun names and pet names.

Here’s how to find baby names on

  1. Go to
  2. To search for the meaning of a particular name, simply enter it into the Search for Name box and click Go.BabyNames name search toolIt will show you the gender, origin, meaning, derivatives, some famous bearers, different spellings, and other similar names. It will also show you stats for the name including its popularity in the US and in BabyNames charts, as well as links to popular songs in which the name is mentioned.
  3. You can listen to the Name Bites Podcast by clicking on the play button or read other celebrity news about baby names and parenting.

5. Baby Name Generators

Searching for a befitting baby name can be simplified using baby name generators. As the name implies, a baby name generator is a tool that randomly generates different baby name ideas based on the parameters you supply, such as gender and nationality.

There are different baby name generators that can help you come up with baby name ideas in seconds. and both have built-in baby name generators.

Other popular baby name generators include those owned by The BumpBounty, and Pampers, among many others.

Let’s see how to find baby names using The Bump’s baby name generator.

  1. Go to TheBump baby name generator.
  2. Create an account or sign in if you already have one (optional).
  3. Go to the I am looking for a name that is… section and use the various dropdown buttons to select your search criteria.
  4. Click on Search when done.TheBump Baby name generator tool
  5. For each result, you can see the gender, style, popularity, origin, pronunciation, and meaning, among other details.TheBump baby name search result page

You can also browse through name lists or play the Baby Name Game to find the perfect baby name.

Give Your Baby a Befitting Name Without Stress

The right name can boost your child’s confidence, minimizes name-calling, and eliminates the need and hassle of changing their legal name as adults. You can name your baby after a family member, role model, or by visiting one of these baby naming websites.

If you’re still having a hard time deciding, you can pick your top 20 and try a name picker random decision-maker. You can also use these tools to come up with a new username. We’ve covered some of the best tools to help you.

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