Welcome Home Decorations For Baby

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Welcome home baby! Celebrate the new family with this adorable baby shower party kit, featuring a magnet board and place cards in a cute apple design. Perfect for a darling baby girl or boy, this set is the perfect way to welcome your little one home.

How to Decorate Home for Newborn Baby Welcome

Bringing home your new-born baby is one of the most exciting steps in life

There are no instructions for becoming a parent and you will soon find that out once you welcome your baby home. Don’t worry as it’s completely normal for parents to be nervous.

Here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas to prepare yourselves and your home to welcome the little one into.

1. Decorative welcome home ideas

Decorating your home could be a really nice touch to welcome home a newborn baby. This is most likely to be organised by friends and family, so it’s important to keep the decorations as fuss-free and mess-free as possible for the new parents.

Why not hang our ‘Hello World’ banner on the wall or blow up a few of our ‘Baby boy’ or ‘Baby Girl’ balloons? Our Rose Gold Confetti balloons would work perfectly too. Pair alongside fresh flowers to create a homey atmosphere for when they bring the little one back. They’ll really appreciate these little touches.

2. Create a care basket

Creating a care pack or basket is one of the best things you can do before the little one arrives. This will make a thoughtful gesture from family or friends to make if you’re looking for baby gift ideas.

The pack can include things for both mum and the baby like baby sleepwear, muslins and nappies. Whereas a box of sweet treats, magazines, luxurious hand cream or new pyjamas will go down well for mum.

3. Fill Your Cupboards

You can prepare for a ‘due date’ as much as you want, but babies, unfortunately, take no notice of this date and come whenever they’re ready, often leaving you with very little time to get things ready.

A few weeks before your baby is due, start stocking up on essential food items and fill your cupboards with easy, ready to grab snacks and frozen goods. You can cook a few meals in advance and store them in your freezer to save time.

4. Prepare Home Cooked Meals

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to help a new mummy out in the first couple of days then we have three words for you, food, food, food! Having someone prepare a home cooked meal for when you get back is one of the most appreciated things you can do.

It’s likely the first couple of days of bringing a new baby home will be a blur and they’ll be so focused on feeding, changing and looking after the little one, ‘what’s for dinner’ will be the last thing on their mind! So, having someone take this stress away, could make their day!

5. Make a fuss of the older sibling too!

Now, this tip doesn’t apply if your welcoming home your first newborn. However, bringing home a new arrival can be a little tricky for any siblings in the household. Children crave attention and it can be difficult for little ones to adapt when all the attention is on their new brother or sister and suddenly, they now have to share this attention and more.

Not to worry, there are ways to make this new adjustment a little easier. When you bring your newborn home, try to give the sibling lots of attention too, perhaps give them lots of cuddles and reassurance to show them they are not missing out. Some parents like to give them gifts and treats to ease them into the older sibling role.

This could be something to make note of if you visit any new-borns with siblings, don’t just shower the new baby with gifts, perhaps think about taking the older sibling a little something too.

6. Display welcome home cards

It can take new parents’ weeks if not months to find a new routine as babies require a lot of work. A simple and thoughtful idea that can easily be forgotten is displaying congratulation’s cards. As a friend or family member, why not take the time to line up their cards on the mantel for them to admire and read over should they get a quiet moment!

Fill this special day up by hanging up our fun and eye catchy Card & Peg sets to create beautiful memories.

7. Document the special moments

Pictures serve as a wonderful memento and you’ll love having photos to look back on of those special early moments with your new-born baby. Make sure you manage to snap a few photos when you first arrive home or in between being present with your new-born, as you’ve probably heard, they quickly change in the first few weeks so make sure you capture it!

Our Milestone Mat is a great way to remind you to take as many photos as you can to document their growth.

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