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5 in 1 Baby Bed

  • The main criteria for choosing a bed are comfort, aesthetics, available space, space savings and practical solutions. Since we all have different needs, there are many types of beds that exist: standard, superimposed (or bunk beds), canopy, mezzanine, trundle, retractable, tatami, floating, round, chest and more. Many of them will come with various options including whether to have the bed upholstered, with or without a headboard, with built-in bedside tables and with integrated lighting.There are different sizes of beds for different needs. The main ones are single, semi-double and double (king size and queen size).  Bed dimensions may vary per country, however,  with different standards.The standard or classic bed, with or without headboard, can be found in most parent rooms. Whether it’s in metal or wood, let your imagination speak and choose the model that suits you. You can add a headboard separately to bring even more style and comfort to your bed. SELLEX wall bedSELLEX wall bedThe “Murphy” bed is also known as a folding bed, wall bed or bed wardrobe. Either way, they rock for small spaces since you can transform the room of your choice into a beautiful bedroom. Resolutely practical while being decorative, the folding bed is the space saving solution par excellence for reduced spaces. For more storage you can also equip it with cabinets on each side. The system of this bed is as simple as it is ingenious, and is generally embedded in the wall in order to free all the space on the ground.The trundle bed is also called a pull-out bed. It’s a combination of a bed with a metal mechanism drawer that raises to make a complete bed for two people.
    This bed is extremely practical for small spaces as it combines a bed for two people, a single bed and can also serve as a bench.Perfect for kids ‘rooms and even for adults’ rooms, the bunk bed allows you to add two beds in your room using only one sleeping space.The mezzanine or the loft bed is like a bunk bed except the bottom bed is left out. Another space-saving solution for reduced spaces, this bed for one or two people is elevated and leaves room below for a second living space. For example, you can install a desk, shelves or a sofa and transform this space office or living room.The chest or boot bed, also called the trunk bed is an excellent compromise between a space saving solution and clever storage. This bed is both fashionable and practical. It consists of a generous bed associated with a storage box for all your belongings. The trunk bed allows you to create space in your bedroom while offering a contemporary design.MORELATO Canopy bedThe canopy bed is a great choice for a more romantic setting. It creates a cocoon-like atmosphere, inviting for rest and moments of relaxation. It is often accompanied by accessories or curtains that reinforce the cocoon spirit.Another option for small spaces, the retractable bed can be stored and turned into a real piece of furniture that can even contain storage. Its real advantage is that it frees room on the ground for a perfectly organized interior.ZEITRAUM floating bedZEITRAUM floating bedA Japanese platform bed or a tatami bed is meant to be healthy. It’s said that sleeping on a futon placed on a tatami is good for the back. Tatami mats are a kind of rush flooring used in traditional Japanese homes, so you can get an idea of how this type of bed sits low to the ground. The firmness of the tatami helps you pick up the right position when you’re sleeping, which reduces joint and muscle tension.On the safety side, there’s the floating bed. The legs of the bed are set within the bed frame, so it hovers over the ground, as if floating. Thanks to this, there’s very little risk of stubbing a toe when getting into bed.Psychological research seems to point out that people are attracted to round shapes above all others. The round bed is considered the sexy choice. Main beds:
    • standard
    • bunk
    • canopy
    • loft
    • pull-out
    • floating
     Customized options:
    • upholstered
    • with or without headboard
    • with built-in bedside tables
    • with integrated lighting
  • Bed frame materials. Which one’s for you?The bed consists of a frame, usually made in wood or metal. It can be upholstered in fabric or leather if desired. The purchase of a bed is an important investment in order to have a reliable, durable and quality product, so it is important to pay special attention to materials. Depending on the material, shocks and possible moves, it can deteriorate over the years. The first signs that determine the wear of a bed include squeaking noises and possible damaged finishes, making the choice of the material a fundamental element not to be neglected.The wooden frame is appreciated for the natural aspect it gives to your room. It is also important to pay particular attention to the essence of wood. Noble and hard, oak is very sought after because it is aesthetic and solid. Solid beech is also beautiful and is a reliable solution full of charm. Exotic woods are also used, warming your home.Insects, though, like termites, have always enjoyed taking a few nibbles of wood, which is why iron or steel bed frames have been preferred by some. They were originally considered cleaner as well as safer. Recognized for their solidity, metal frames guaranty long use without much deterioration and a perfect resistance to movement. Today, though, both seem to be viable options since we’ve learned how to treat wood and avoid the little beasts.Manufacturers of interior furniture are increasingly using melamine—made of wood particle board coated with resin and hot pressed. It is often used as a support for the design of chipboard and MDF (medium density fibreboard) furniture. Its properties of lightness and resistance seduce many buyers, especially since its price is often lower than wood. Its modularity and ease of use allow the realization of original furniture and designs. Although strong and scratch-resistant, it is much less robust than a solid wood bed.
  • How to choose the right height of the bed frame?The sleeping height of your bed determines the height of your mattress. A thicker mattress will have you sleeping higher. It’s important to note that the height of your frame fulfills three essential roles: To snug your mattress so that it does not move while you sleep; to elevate off the floor to ensure ventilation of your mattress, ensuring perfect hygiene; and to make it easier for you to slip your sheets onto the bed easily, without causing back problems from bending.The sleeping height is decisive for both your daily comfort and the ventilation of your mattress. The ideal height of a bed is around 50 cm. This allows you to sleep without effort, no need to squat to lie down! In addition, a raised mattress will be much better ventilated, the air will be able to circulate easily under the bed and will take care of eliminating the water stored by the mattress.
  • Which style should you choose for your bed?As the central element of your room, the bed is the eye-magnet furniture. It sort of sets the tone and atmosphere of your room. All those who want to look after the decoration of the room will pay attention to its forms, finishes and details.On ArchiExpo, styles are organized into large families: ContemporaryClassic and Traditional.Many Classic designs are now available to enhance your interior. A contemporary adult bed modernizes your room with very modern lines while a traditional bed lends a rustic vibe to your home.

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