Wood Cradle For Baby

From the safety of their own furniture, newborns are at a prime spot to safely sleep and play. Create a comfortable sleeping area in your nursery by choosing a baby cradle that blends with your home decor or brings a unique or custom-made piece back to life with our expert wooden craftsmanship

Find the best quality, handmade and upholstered baby cradles from our selection of wooden cradle brands. From heirloom pieces to modern-looking baby cradles, we have the perfect piece to compliment your nursery decor.

Whether you’re looking for an heirloom-quality wooden cradle or a simple cherry finish crib, we have quality baby rattles and cribs made of solid hardwood for you. Our custom, handmade products are designed to bring your dreams to life.

Which Wood is Best for Baby Cradle?

Teak Wood Baby Cradles Can Be a Good Choice

Teak wood is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a wooden cradle online. It is a durable choice that can also be affordable and modern to look at.

This beautiful baby cradle is designed as a safe and cozy place for newborns to sleep. Crafted from solid hardwoods and finished in natural oil, with dovetail joints on all pieces, this cradle will last for generations. Handmade by our artisan partners. Choose your own custom finish color.

A cradle is a bed for an infant, typically a wooden structure that hangs from ropes supporting the weight of a baby’s mattress. Cradles have been in use since ancient times and continue to be a popular option for parents today. They are considered an important piece in many households around the world.

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Vintage Wooden Rocking Baby Cradle

The first place your baby will be sleeping is probably in mom and dad’s room. However, many parents choose to decorate the baby room from the beginning. By doing so, the transition between the parents’ bedroom and the baby room will be a bit easier, when it is time for baby to sleep in their own room.

The most important piece of furniture in the baby room is the bed, your baby will be sleeping in. At Hoppekids, you can find 2 types of baby beds – the cradle and the cot. On this page, you can read more about the different qualities of the two types.

Must-Have Features in a Baby Cradle to Keep Your Baby Safe & Comfortable

A baby cradle is one of the first items you purchase for your little one. If you get it toward the end of your pregnancy, just seeing it in the house fills your heart with delight! Picking the right baby cradle is essential for your baby’s safety, sleep and comfort since he will be spending considerable time of his early life in it. How can you be sure you’re making the right choice? Simple – just follow our baby cradle buying guide!

Going to the market or on the internet and ordering a baby cradle seems simple enough, right? But your little one is super delicate and needs only the gentlest care. Only when he sleeps well can he be fully rested and ready to learn new skills. So, the cradle that you buy must meet all the required safety and comfort guidelines for it to suit your little prince or princess.

Buying a Baby Cradle – What to Look For

1. Pick As Per Your Baby’s Age

Cradles and cribs are designed keeping the age of the baby in mind. Follow this rule of thumb when shopping for your baby:


  • Till 6-8 Months: It is generally safe for babies to use cradles till the age of 6-8 months
  • Till 3 Years: After the age of 8 months, it is recommended to move the baby to a crib
  • 3 Years +: At this age, many parents transition the child to a bed, though this can vary across children Pick a cradle or crib depending on your baby’s age.

2. Check for Compliance With Safety Standards

This is the most important consideration for cradle safety. Make sure the product is in compliance with accepted cradle safety standards for design, structure, usage, etc. Confirm this with the seller. For example, RforRabbit, a company that offers a wide range of baby gear products, is fully safety standards certified. Their baby cradle is EN Certified, which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for safety of babies.


3. Pick a Sturdy Baby Cradle Mattress

The mattress inside the cradle must be sturdy and stable. It should fit snugly into the cradle with no loose ends. Look for a cradle that comes with strong mattress support.

4. Automatic Swing Option

Baby cradles may have become modern with time, but there is one trick that all mothers know will never get old: swinging! Scientists have proved that lightly swinging babies (like in a hammock) is an effective method to help them fall asleep. You can look for a rocking cradle that lets you swing the baby safely. The RforRabbit Auto Swing Baby Cradle has both an automatic and manual swing mechanism.

Automatic Swing Option

The automatic swing, fashioned like an Indian style baby cradle, can be controlled and timed as desired, with a simple on/off mechanism.

5. Get a Cradle with Either Lockable or No Wheels

It can be tempting to purchase a cradle that has wheels so you can easily move it around. However, an infant cradle with wheels can become dangerous as soon as your baby learns to stand up. If you want a cradle with wheels, make sure the wheels can be locked when not in use.

6. Lullabies to Help Babies Sleep

Mothers know that a lullaby is one of the most effective ways to help babies sleep. But there may be occasions when you are unable/unavailable to sing to your baby. These days, you can get baby cradles that have stored lullabies that can soothe your babies at any time! The RforRabbit Auto Swing Baby Cradle offers 18 tunes and 6 nature sounds that can be used to help the baby fall asleep. Check for this feature when you’re buying a cradle for your baby; it can come in really handy.

Did You Know?

According to a recent report, only 5% of parents of babies up to the age of six months are getting the recommended amount of sleep each night!As many as 43% of new parents get only 1-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep which means severe sleep deprivation! In this scenario, getting up at midnight and trying to help the baby fall asleep, either by swinging or singing a lullaby, can be extremely taxing.Both experts and moms agree that opting for a cradle with lullabies and auto swing can be really helpful to combat sleep deprivation in both mothers and babies.

7. Avoid Cradles with Sleep Positioners

Some cradles come with sleep positioners intended to keep the baby sleeping on their back through the night. Sleeping on the back is recommended to avoid the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, sleep positioners can become suffocation hazards. It is best to avoid them and instead periodically check on the baby to ensure they are sleeping in the right position.

Note: By the time your baby is old enough to roll over, the risk of SIDS is very low.

8. Choose Cradle of a Comfortable Height

Even when your baby is merrily sleeping away in the cradle, and it seems as if the nap will easily last for some time, you can never be sure! Babies tend to wake up frequently when they are hungry, need a diaper change, miss their mother, etc. This means you will have to pick up your baby several times. Choose a cradle that is of a convenient height for you.

Cradle of a Comfortable Height

9. Ensure Portability & Ease of Travel

The cradle that you pick should be flexible enough to transport if needed. You might have to travel with your baby during the initial months, and this makes a portable cradle a must.

Precautions to Take When Using a Baby Cradle or Crib

  • Remove any decorations that came attached to the cradle in its packaging, such as bows, strings, streamers, etc. Cradle accessories are best avoided especially at sleep-time. Babies are curious by nature and might get hurt trying to tug at/swallow these decorations
  • Do not use any pillows, soft toys, etc., in the cradle as they can become a suffocation risk. If your baby was playing with toys in the cradle, remove them when he sleeps
  • Check that there aren’t any broken/loose screws, sharp edges, hardware, etc., anywhere in the cradle or mattress
  • Choose to place the cradle or crib away from windows, wires, blinds, etc. Babies could strangle on cords or get hurt

That’s it! Keep the above considerations in mind when buying a baby cradle for your little darling, and his safety and comfort will be assured. Good sleep and rest are essential for overall development in children, and the right cradle/crib will go a long way in ensuring this.

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