Words For Baby Bingo

Beyond the basics like burping, bath time and blowouts, your baby might need some additional words to get her through everyday life. Our word list will help you learn all the new-mom phrases you hear around.

Looking for additional baby bingo words to expand your matches? Here’s an easy list of additional baby bingo words. Just print out this page and add it to your bingo card.

This is an additional bingo word list for baby bingo. This is a great game to play with friends and family, as well as with your own baby!

What Do You Put in a Baby Shower Bingo?

Firstly, give each Guest a blank bingo card and a pen. Then, ask them to write on the card in each square a gift that they think the Mama-to-be will receive. For example, onesie, burp cloths, blanket, change mat, etc.

The list of terms is really endless in the world of parenting, so this bingo game is sure to get you talking. You can use these words for baby bingo when you’re out together with your friends or family and need a little diversion over dinner. There will be plenty more to add onto your list in the coming months!

Add some fun to bath time with this baby-themed word bingo game. Each baby bingo set includes one 21 x 26 inch folding board, 60 chips, 4 markers, 100 calling cards and instructions.

Free Baby Shower Bingo for 40 Guests

Here you can see the complete list of the 69 words used in the creation of the theme: Baby Bingo Gifts. Like the other themes, in the Baby Bingo ebook you will find sets of cards in color and in black&white of this variation. The number of cards in each set for the theme Baby Gifts is 56.

Download PDF:
   Gifts sample

Word list

1. Blankie
2. High chair
3. Teddy bear
4. Rubber duck
5. Changing pad
6. Baby shirt
7. Bath kit
8. Baby powder
9. Baby swing
10. Play gym
11. Moses basket
12. Blankets
13. Diaper pins
14. Clothes
15. Bib
16. Music CD
17. Baby hat
18. Teether
19. Bottle
20. Teething ring
21. Baby food
22. Pram suit
23. Gift card
24. Memory journal
25. Baby walker
26. Toy box
27. Diapers
28. Baby food blend
29. Cot
30. Stroller
31. Baby monitor
32. Layette
33. Baby lotion
34. Towel
35. Playpen
36. Bassinet
37. Mobiles
38. Baby socks
39. Gerber
40. Baby book
41. Bouncy seat
42. Onesie
43. Baby shampoo
44. Cradle
45. Blanket sleeper
46. Diaper bag
47. Burp cloth
48. Picture frame
49. Bottle rack
50. Bonnet
51. Carrycot
52. Security blanket
53. Pacifier
54. Stuffed doll
55. Mittens
56. Hooded towel
57. Sippy cup
58. Baby bathtub
59. Sleep sack
60. Photo album
61. Booties
62. Alphabet blocks
63. Wipes
64. Baby sling
65. Baby carrier
66. Formula
67. Playsuit
68. Rattle
69. Baby cardigan

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