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For babies and toddlers, Wrangler jeans are a staple. With low-rise waistlines and adjustable waist tabs, these durable jeans are built to fit your little one at every stage of growth. They come in a variety of washes and colors, too.

For years, Wrangler has provided the most authentic and trusted jeans for kids. Wrangler provides a wide selection of styles for all occasions, whether it’s play time or school time.

Baby Wrangler Bell Bottoms

How to tell if Wranglers are vintage

Wrangler is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of denim. Since 1904 it has created durable denim products, many of which have become iconic. Wrangler denim jackets and jeans have stood the test of time and continue to be very popular to this day.

The popularity of Wrangler skyrocketed in the 1980s through its sponsorship and advertising with Dale Earnhardt, the iconic Nascar driver. The advertising campaign, known as the One Tough Customer campaign, was such a huge success for the Wrangler brand that they would go on to sponsor many other Nascar drivers such as Ricky Rudd, Jody Riley and Steve Park.

1970s Wrangler Advert - Vintage Wrangler Advert

How to tell if Wranglers are vintage from the logo

Wrangler jeans were first produced and made by the Blue Bell Company, and in the 1940s became infamous for working closely with cowboys to create a fit of jean that was perfect for their core base of customers. This became an iconic look for Wrangler and would skyrocket sales. After a successful brand launch in Europe, the Wrangler branding would go on to disassociate itself with the Blue Bell Company and eventually remove the Blue Bell from the logo. This happened in the 1960s, which is why the classic sign that you have a very old vintage Wrangler piece is the use of the Blue Bell on the logo or tags. Over the years Wranglers updated logo can give us a clue on the era of the piece.

Vintage Wrangler Logos through the years - OneOff Vintage

1940s to 1960s logo

  • The original logo took a lot of influence from the cowboy scene as can be seen from the rope like design
  • The logo was usually displayed on a tilt as can be seen here
  • The Blue Bell was often displayed above the logo, representing the parent company of the Wrangler brand
1940s to 1960s Wrangler Logo - Vintage Wrangler Logo

1960s to 2010s

  • A blockier font was used in the updated logo and was a big departure from the previous design
  • This logo was not used universally on tags and designs, and has been more frequently used in the last 20 years
1960s to 2010s Wrangler Logo

2010 to now

  • The modern logo returned to its original roots and was heavily inspired by the original logo
  • This logo does not use the lasso effect and is not slanted like the original
2010s to now Wrangler Logo - Modern Wrangler Logo


How to tell if Wranglers are vintage from the tags

As fashion brands go, Wrangler has had incredibly consistent branding when it comes to tags. Very little has changed over the years, with the main exception being the removal of the Blue Bell. Like most modern tags, Wrangler has moved away from having the designs stitched in and instead modern tags have the information printed onto them. It should be noted that there is some crossover in the time periods for these tags e.g. some tags may have been used in both the 60s and 70s. Also not every Wrangler tag has been included here, and whilst a lot of time and effort has gone into locating as many vintage tags as possible, Wrangler has created so many minor variations of these designs that you should not be surprised if you can’t find one that exactly matches yours below.

1950s vintage Wrangler tags

  • The original Wrangler logo used a script like font and had a blue bell above it
  • In the 50s, the font was altered slightly, and whilst the letters are still the same shape, the text had a lasso style applied to it to appeal to cowboy culture
1950s vintage Wrangler Tags
1950s vintage Wrangler Tags

1960s vintage Wrangler tags

  • The blue bell remained above the Wrangler logo until the mid 60s
  • The classic sign that your Wrangler is vintage is the blue bell above the logo because it stopped being used in the 60s. This means that a Wrangler item with the blue bell will be at least 50 years old
1960s vintage Wrangler Tags
1960s vintage Wrangler Tags

1970s vintage Wrangler tags

  • The typeface remained the same until the 70s where the font was made thinner and yellow
  • The black tags were used much more frequently in the 1970s
  • Women’s lines started becoming tagged separately to expand the appeal of the brand
1970s vintage Wrangler Tags
1970s vintage Wrangler Tags

1980s vintage Wrangler tags

  • The type was once more updated the 80s and used a blockier font that was a big departure from the previous font on some lines of clothing
  • On many tags the original font was used, however a move away from the use of a lasso on the font can be seen
1980s vintage Wrangler Tags
1980s vintage Wrangler Tags

1990s vintage Wrangler tags

  • The newer logo started to be more frequently used on these tags
  • Sizing information was also included in the more consumer friendly lettering
1990s vintage Wrangler tags

Wrangler logos through the years

Vintage Wrangler tags through the years - OneOff Vintage

How to tell if Wranglers are vintage from the wash tags

Many of the older Wrangler jeans from the 60s and 70s didn’t even have an independent wash tag attached, and instead put this information on the back of the general tag. In the 1980s Wrangler began to attach independent wash tags that provided clear instructions on how to care for the garment.

In the last 15 years Wrangler has also began including the production date on the wash tags. At the top of the was tag are four numbers, the first two indicating the month of production and the last two indicating the year of production.

How to tell if Wranglers are vintage - Production date on the wash tags

What is Wrangler Blue Bell?

Wrangler Blue Bell’s referes to Wrangler products that include the Blue Bell logo. Blue Bell was the parent company of the Wrangler brand and the Blue Bell included on some some Wrangler logos and products indicates that the item is a rare vintage piece that is at least 50 years old.

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