Xylophone For Baby

Encourage early music-making creativity with the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone pull toy! This fun and colorful xylophone has 8 colorful keys to encourage baby’s self-expression, while teaching them skills they’ll use all their lives. With a sturdy handle that makes it easy to grasp and push, this delightful instrument is perfect for developing motor skills as well as a sense of accomplishment.

This classic pull toy has 8 colorful keys to encourage early music-making creativity. Helping toddlers develop a sense of accomplishment, it encourages them to find their own rhythm and create music as they play.

Early music-making is important to growing brains, and the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone pull toy is ready to help your toddler explore their musical talents. With eight colorful keys that play different notes, this musical instrument encourages creative play and helps develop a sense of accomplishment.

What Age is a Xylophone Good For?

Product information

Product Dimensions12.4 x 7.28 x 3.03 inches
Manufacturer recommended age18 months – 5 years
Batteries1 AA batteries required.
Best Sellers Rank#2,172 in Toys & Games (See Top 100 in Toys & Games) #18 in Toddler Music & Sound Toys #20 in Preschool Musical Toys #24 in Baby Musical Toys

The Classic Xylophone pull toy is perfect for encouraging early music-making creativity in your baby. Toddlers ages 12 months and up can help develop a sense of accomplishment as they manage to make the chimes ring by pulling this brightly colored xylophone.

Inspire your toddler’s musical creativity with the Classic Xylophone pull toy by Fisher-Price. This colorful xylophone is easy to draw, tap, or pull along on smooth surfaces, helping little ones develop a sense of accomplishment and create musical memories.

Take the delight of music and make it a fun game with the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone. This musical pull toy is perfect for your little one, who will interact with their world through the different colors and shapes while developing coordination and building confidence at the same time.

Best Xylophone For Babies

Your baby or child needs a toy that will draw his or her attention.

Babies and toddlers are visually stimulated, so this new toy needs to have the looks.

Your baby would rather crawl to something colorful and shiny than to something plain and white-colored.

In this case, that colorful and shiny toy will be a xylophone!

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Best Xylophone For Kids And Babies – A Quick Glance

Little on a little older? Click here to read our post on the best drum sets for kids.

These are perceived mainly as a toys for older children, but don’t let them fool you.

These instruments usually come with sheet music of nursery songs and the keys are often labeled with their corresponding music notes.

Your child will spontaneously learn basic music fundamentals and have a blast in the process.

Babies need this type of stimulation in order to develop their coordination, movement, sensory, all while being able to produce something of their own while playing and learning.

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Should I Pick Percussion Or Drums For My Baby Or Child?

Percussion should be the first choice when introducing music to a baby.

A child first needs to learn to coordinate, combine sounds by tapping the keys in the rhythm, and figure out how to produce a sound.

After that, if your little one is still interested in percussion generally, you can try out a small drum set.

Xylophones are good for learning coordination, sensory development, and for happy babies.

   Roland TD-50K ReviewPlay Video

Xylophones also provide a familiarization with the basics of music in a such spontaneous and simple way.

Are Musical Instruments For Kids And Babies Expensive?

Musical instruments for babies are relatively inexpensive, although it does depend on what would you like to give to your baby — the quality, looks, educational value, are all important factors.

It’s not always the same if you’re buying a xylophone, a little plastic drum, a guitar, or a piano.

Everything depends on the characteristic of the product itself.

If your idea is to treat your baby with something special, fun, and educative at the same time, our guess it that you’ll pay a few extra bucks to make your kid happy.

Best Drum Set For Toddlers

Small Fish Xylophone

Available at Amazon (affiliate)

It comes in an attractive and stylish package, well-designed and totally practical for all purposes.


Since there is a heart shaped card attached to the box, where you can leave a note or make a wish — this makes a great birthday gift for your friends’ little ones.

Also, as an educational toy for girls and boys, it meets the ASTM International Toy Safety Standards, which confirms the top quality of this product.

As per its possibly health-harming characteristics, worries away!

This product is 100% child safe, odor, BPA, Lead and Phthalate free, because each and every one has been previously tested and approved.

There are no sharp parts or edges on the xylophone itself and there is no possibility for your baby hitting too strong and getting hurt – the wooden mallets are smooth and completely harmless.

HappyFish’s toy is our best xylophone for babies, and if you decide to treat your toddler with a special gift, it won’t only amuse your boy or girl, it will be a gift for the whole family!

Hohner Kids Toddler Glockenspiel

Available at Amazon (affiliate)

This is not another baby toy that produces inarticulate and indistinct sounds – hard to play and even harder to listen – no, it’s quite surprising how pleasant and enjoyable it can be.

The product is well designed. The material incredibly durable, so there is no need to worry that it will crack or snap in two and harm your toddler.

The only real issue with this product is that the colors and the looks of the xylophone itself are a little lame.

It’s not that bad, but there really isn’t anything eye-catching that would draw your baby’s attention.

It comes with a small plastic transparent bag, designed and very accessible to kids for carrying around; then, sheet music with notes for a few songs, so it seems easy to introduce your kid to music through play.

Your baby will learn some basic notes. It also includes a safety mallet and a clip to hold the mallet, so it doesn’t get lost.

Even though the mallet is designed for ages 12 months and up, it could be a little more thicker and as easy to bend, primarily to avoid possible snapping in two and hurting the kids.

The product is 100% child safe, odor, BPA, Lead and Phthalate free.

While it’s not our favorite xylophone for babies, if your child not much of a visual type and the basic design doesn’t matter to you, you won’t fail choosing this one.

After all, you’re choosing it for its sound characteristics and your kid’s happiness. For this price, it’s worth it.

Rolimate Wooden Educational Glockenspiel

Available at Amazon (affiliate)

Before we say anything else, the design and aesthetics of this xylophone are stunning!

The combination of the warm colors on the xylophone bars have such a nice composition; totally enjoyable and pleasant to the eye.

Just by the look of it, you can see that it has a wave to its shape, designed especially for kids.

Your child can put it in his or her lap or on their little legs and play comfortably. It won’t always just end up on the floor like every other similar toy.

The designers of this product obviously had children’s comfort in mind, as well as the easiness to play in that position.

As far as sound is concerned, the metal bars ring very clearly, but not exactly in perfect tune.

This xylophone for babies can’t be perceived as a real musical instrument.

As a toy, it’s perfect.

It’s definitely something that will occupy children’s time. The keys are labeled with each note, which can help your toddler learn the basic fundamentals of music.

It would be nice if it had some sheet music attached, at least for a few nursery songs.

One of the first things you will notice on this product is its quality. The bottom is made of heavy duty wood and the hammers are made of similar wood.

The body of the instrument doesn’t have any exposed sharp edges and the metal keys are in line with the construction.

The mallets are short enough to fit easily in the hands of a child and, since there is no sharp edge, you don’t need to worry about your baby getting hurt.

The box itself is nice, but maybe too bland. It could use more interesting colors for the design, as the overall white color just seems too ordinary.

Overall, the Rolimate Wooden Educational Glockenspiel is a nice xylophone for kids. It’s something your kids will enjoy for sure!

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